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Hi.. I'm Megan, I'm a mother of a little girl. I've come to establish how to balance between being a great mother and being my own person. As these years go by I have come to realize you have to choose your battles. Every day comes and goes and I would love to share my experiences with you!

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  • A vision to change the world

    A vision to change the world

    4 years ago

    Change in our world can either seem scary or impossible, but truth is our world is changing around us every day. With change comes new beginnings. In fact, if the most influential leaders in our world's history didn't...

  • Predators amongst you

    Predators amongst you

    5 years ago

    Over the years the word predator has been used to describe an animal that preys on others. Well in today's world we can now say predator is a word used to describe a person. A person that victimizes, torments, or...

  • keeping intimacy alive

    keeping intimacy alive

    5 years ago

    For some this can be hard, but I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be. As a couple don't be afraid to commit to some change. You can change some of the things you are doing. Try some new things that will put some...

  • What trust means in a relationship

    What trust means in a relationship

    5 years ago

    Trust is one of the key components in building a relationship. While most people know trust is built over a period of time. You can't just start a new relationship trusting your partner, but you also can't go into your...

  • Ron Paul for a better future

    Ron Paul for a better future

    5 years ago

    Ron Paul is a lot of things. From being kind to fighting the same politicians he sits next to for our rights. During this 2012 election I was very disappointed that not only did Ron Paul get gypped out for the...

  • relationship guidance

    relationship guidance

    5 years ago

    Going into a new relationship can definitely be a scary thing. Especially if your last one ended badly. One thing we often do is take from our past relationships and build walls up in our new ones. Coming into a new...

  • Facing the truth

    Facing the truth

    5 years ago

    We are facing a lot of issues as a society with drug problems. From personal experience I have witnessed what drug use can do to a person and their family. In a lot of cases it destroys the people who do drugs and a lot...

  • abcs of child abuse

    abcs of child abuse

    5 years ago

    So the other day I decided to turn on the television. As I was flipping through the channels I came across the I.D channel. There was this show on, talking about mothers who snap and kill their children. Now as a mother...