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  • Poem: Silence Speaks.

    Poem: Silence Speaks.

    3 years ago

    The poem was painted by the poetess while dwelling into the perceptions that runs the world. The world is equal for all...all...

  • Poem: Questioning Mind!

    Poem: Questioning Mind!

    3 years ago

    A poem that sprouted inside the mind of the poetess during her self introspective phase. We all have doubts about the decisions that we take in our life. Some of...

  • Poem:

    Poem: "why Today? Why Me?"

    3 years ago

    Twenty schoolchildren, 8 others dead in Connecticut massacre By Hilary Russ and Dave Gregorio | Reuters – 2 hours 33 minutes ago This is the first thing that I read today morning. I had to compose myself for few...

  • Poem: Drunk Life

    Poem: Drunk Life

    3 years ago

    Alcoholism is a malice and a thorn in an otherwise smooth life. Many times a happy family life is thrown into a chaotic mess due to this addiction and emerging out victorious from this trap is solely on the basis of self...

  • Poem: Stop And Think!

    Poem: Stop And Think!

    6 years ago

    Life gets hectic as we move ahead in our life and with our busy lives, intention of providing the best for our family we often forget to spend time, love and smile with our near ones. The basic concept of...

  • Poem: The Prophecy.

    Poem: The Prophecy.

    3 years ago

    Prophecy This is a poem depicting the Fictional characters developed by the poet Salini. The scene is the end of the King of Tartarus (hell) by the prince of Orbs (earth) from the sword of Zion(heaven) completing the prophecy...

  • Recipe:

    Recipe: "Fish Fry in Oppa Gangnam oops...Kerala style!"

    3 years ago

    Fish Fry Kerala style. Okay it is food time!!! Before we proceed to the actual content 'A word of caution' This recipe is not for people who are on diet. Who would think twice before eating a fish fry. Who are scared to...

  • Poem: Love of my life...

    Poem: Love of my life...

    6 years ago

    I breathe and I get the scent of you. Closing the barrier, Pulling me closer to you. Lightening my spirits and flaming my chassis. For me it is always you… will always be you.

  • A short story:

    A short story: "One Rainy Night that changed my life."

    3 years ago

    Drive to the beach... The wind blowing on my face, the whooping sound that roars inside my ears from the passing wind, blaring music from my car stereo, cold beer for my company, sunny day head having clear blue sky as its mate,...

  • Poem: STOP THE WAR.

    Poem: STOP THE WAR.

    3 years ago

    Stop The War... Flashes of sound, Echoes of light, Blinds my eyes, And drowns my voice. Bombs dropping somewhere near, shards of metal skins me bare. I am standing naked and gaping. Cries for help is every where...

  • How to Write a Ghazal Poem

    How to Write a Ghazal Poem

    3 years ago

    GHAZAL It is a poetic expression of two emotions the pain and love. In simple words, it is the poetic representation of the beauty of painful love

  • Poem: WHO IS SHE?

    Poem: WHO IS SHE?

    7 years ago

    Who is she? The one who just ran from here, Who had skin pearly and smooth, eyes brighter than moon much deeper than blue. Clutching her silky gown of rosy hue, running down...

  • Revenge: A dangerous emotion.

    Revenge: A dangerous emotion.

    3 years ago

    An acrostic poem about REVENGE by Salini Reason of my existence, Entrapping you in my charms. Visualizing your torturous end, where you squirm for life. Needing a garb for your frail,icy carcass, begging for a drop of water. Gullible...

  • Poem:

    Poem: "Lost In Him", A poem about soul and unknown

    3 years ago

    Have you ever wondered that sometimes when someone goes missing, vanishes from the face of the earth, there might be something else? Something beyond our comprehension, something that delves and breed

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    "Homeopathy" An art of medical stream; subjected to many criticisms and yet standing strong with head held high.

    7 years ago Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment -by Mahatma Gandhi Homeopathy, a beautiful science of treating patients,an art all by itself. The modern medical community...

  • 22

    "Snatching Away The Innocence", POEM; A girl's journey into the tunnel of child trafficking

    3 years ago

    Green poppy fields, sunlit blue sky. Sweet breeze ruffles my hair all the side. Running behind the little grasshopper is so much fun and divine. Laughter of my friend, sound of happiness, bottled in a cage, so wild. Out came two...

  • MEMORIES (reminiscing love story of a woman)- part 2

    MEMORIES (reminiscing love story of a woman)- part 2

    3 years ago

    Reminiscing... Bang!!! The sound of the window closing woke me up form my disturbing sleep. No matter how many times I think about fixing the bolt of the damn window, I forget. Guessing it is one of the perks of the old age,...

  • MEMORIES, reminiscing love story of a woman- part 1

    MEMORIES, reminiscing love story of a woman- part 1

    7 years ago

    Reminiscing... Creek....Croak.....Creek....Crock........that is the only sound one can hear in this usually silent room. the sound of the ancient rocking chair that had been in our family for years...and me rocking away to the...

  • 12

    "Mourning", A poem about A Loss, a Grief, A journey by itself to gain inner strength by the powerful spirit

    6 years ago

    Mourning... Pain pain pain that is all I feel again and again. Lost in the sea of emptiness knowing that I can't shower him with hugs and kisses, Feeling dark hollowness and missing the warmth of our cuddles, Streaks of salted fluid running...


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