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A love of learning gleams through in every aspect of my life! Learning is fun. It is a privilege and responsibility! Learning is also a time-consuming and laborious process. I started these Hub Pages to put the time I spend learning to good use for others. We live in an information age and sorting through useless stuff is like re-creating a wheel.

So what can you expect here? First, a Christian perspective. I believe the Bible is the only source of absolute truth, and it is my guide book. There are amazing Bible scholars who have already created resources to help us apply the Truths found in it. I will review and point to those types of resources (and to the Bible itself).

Second, you will find a mother, a wife and a friend who believes Jesus is indeed the answer to every problem. And you will find information to help you know HOW to receive that answer.

Finally, in the midst of those first two, you will find thirst-quenching drinks of information. Opinions ARE like elbows; everyone has them and knowing others' opinions is useful for developing your own opinion. But God has given each of us the option of choosing. Here you will find information to help you think and choose--not a mandate to believe as I believe. God is bigger than anyone of us; we all have things wrong.

What does the Lord require of you to but to love mercy, to act justly and to walk humbly. I aim to do just that; come with me!

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  • Walking in death valley

    Walking in death valley

    3 years ago

    It is a place we all must walk. Though all of the issues of life loom large in the narrow passageway, it is a journey that comes with great hope. Love and communication pave the path.

  • Your Faith Story

    Your Faith Story

    3 years ago

    The beauty of looking at life from the Author's viewpoint encourages you and others. Take time to record your faith story! This little Hub will help you see how to do it and why it is worth it.

  • What is my design?

    What is my design?

    3 years ago

    We are designed by God to be wonderfully unique. Together we reflect the glorious greatness of God. Understanding our own design--and the design of others helps us appreciate God's creative genius.

  • Getting the Win

    Getting the Win

    2 years ago

    Everyone loves a winner, they say. Winning is good. And every area of life involves wins and losses. This Hub takes a look at principles of winning--at anything!

  • Enough?


    23 months ago

    No one really believes 'less is more,' do they? If a little is good, a lot will be better. That seems to be the cry of the day. The truth is quite different.

  • Healing the Past

    Healing the Past

    3 years ago

    The past need not determine the future. Confront the past and build the legacy you want to leave behind!

  • Loved not lonely

    Loved not lonely

    3 years ago

    Practical help for hurting hearts. You are already complete, a priceless treasure to the King of Kings. Walk into the day with that confidence and LIVE!