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Exposing the truth about Communism ( Russia & China are only branded as communist but in reality have reverted back to capitalism) by sharing some resources on the topic and some of my experiences doing outreach that requires transforming the people, and fighting the power for an actual revolution (Some future posts will also be responding to many articles that attack the RCP & Bob Avakian). And also shedding some light into the whole movement for Revolution, such as sorting through misconceptions and many real aims and objectives. We need an actual way out of capitalist imperialism that is slowly destroying the planet.

The New Synthesis of Communism gets to the cause of the problems (what radical actuall means) rather than treating the symptoms, something we see alot of and is admirable, but we also need a way out of this mess overall. We need a communist revolution in order to dismantle this system and put in place one that will work better with people and the environment.

Communist revolution does not mean taking vengeance on people in order to free others. This is what people think because of countries who are considered Communists but in reality have no choice but to rely on Capitalism with the way things are now through globalization. This revolution is an actual emancipation of all humanity.

Humanity cannot get emancipated through the way things are now. It needs leadership (Bob Avakian, chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party in U.S.A) and a vanguard party (RCP& members) to not only take power so that people in the U.S can be free, but to also fight off other imperialists who wage war to increase their empire. This Communist Revolution is not globalization but an emancipation of all of humanity so that it can confront these global problems in a more realistic way (not practical but what actually needs to take place for the liberation of the masses of people suffering under Capitalism). I welcome people to check out revcom.us.

There are real challenges but if it means the emancipation of humanity people should dive in and contribute as muh as they can with their questions, comments, criticism, suggestions etc.

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