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MamaDragonfly2677 (Shannon) is a lover of life... She has a NEED to learn about anything, and everything. She enjoys art, reading, WRITING, astronomy, astrology, science, history, Nature, Mythology... The list could go on and on... She is a widow, and mother of four very different, and very talented children. She learns from them, just as they learn from her...

Shannon is exploring Essential Oils and Natural ways to heal the body/mind/spirit. She is a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and is sharing her knowledge with people, one drop at a time.

Shannon's goal here on Hubpages.com is to follow through with her love of learning and writing, and she hopes that all her readers will be fully enveloped with inspiration, so they, too, can follow their own dreams of learning the great power of words.

Someday, Shannon hopes to travel the world in search of true knowledge through her own experiences. She longs to feel the waters with her own hands, and to study the world with her own eyes...

Shannon would also give her left arm to take a ride to the moon, and beyond... She has always been "tranced" by the thoughts of the universe... She sees reality in her dreams and plans on making all her dreams come true before her time here on earth is over.

Shannon hopes to reach the depths of every readers soul, in search of kindness, and truth within each and every one of us.

Read her hubs! You won't regret it! You may find fantasy, mythology, science, health, art, poetry, real life situations, and fictional stories as well! Whichever your interests, you are sure to find something you like, and if you do, by all means, LET HER KNOW! If you don't, then there is something defenately wrong with you...!

Read on, and enjoy some of Shannon's time-well-spent hubs, and leave some comments! Become a fan! She will likely become yours as well!

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  • Introduction To Witchcraft (Part III)- Divination

    Introduction To Witchcraft (Part III)- Divination

    3 weeks ago

    There are many different ways to "look into the future". In this section, I will do a brief summary of the most popular ways of divination. We create our own reality. Nothing is concrete, for if you choose to have a...

  • My Letter From Beyond- A Poetic Memory

    My Letter From Beyond- A Poetic Memory

    18 months ago

    From the best of days, to the worst, I am always the same... Not only do I live everyday, in hopes of "The Answer" to reveal itself to me, Once and for all, showing it's well-waited-for face in my mind, But also, I...

  • The Hippie Era- 1969

    The Hippie Era- 1969

    18 months ago

    "Make Love, Not War, Baby!!!"  I was sitting here the other day, completely BLANK, not knowing what to write about... Then it came to me... The Hippie Era! But after thinking about it for a moment, I wasn't sure what...

  • Celebrity Hippie Hairstyles

    Celebrity Hippie Hairstyles

    3 weeks ago

     Think back to the "Hippie Era"... It was a time of "Love, Peace, and Happiness"... "Love, Not War!"... Sex, drugs and Rock N' Roll! " "Hippies" are people in love with nature and all that surrounds it. They believe...

  • Caffeine- How Much is Too Much?

    Caffeine- How Much is Too Much?

    9 years ago

    Scientists these days are saying that caffeine is just as addictive as cocaine... I can hear you now..."Oh no! The health Po-Po are turning into CONTROL FREAKS! Not my COFFEE!!!"... You need not worry...much. If you are...

  • Dragonfly Art

    Dragonfly Art

    18 months ago

    Where do Dragonflies Sleep??? Dragonflies are one of the things I enjoy the most. Not only do I collect them, I also have a purple dragonfly tattoo on my left shoulder blade. My Great-grandmother once told me if a...

  • Introduction to Witchcraft (Part I)

    Introduction to Witchcraft (Part I)

    18 months ago

    Pentacle   (This will be the first of many, many more hubs on this subject... so stay tuned!) Witchcraft isn't just in fairytales and horror movies. Witchcraft is, and always has been real, and will continue to...

  • Being Naive Is a Small Part of a Woman's Life

    Being Naive Is a Small Part of a Woman's Life

    3 weeks ago

    believe...   Have you ever been told that your "too happy"? It's kind of like having too much money, don't you think? Yes, when the father of my two oldest children left me, his words to me were, "Shannon,...