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  • How to Handle Writer's Block

    How to Handle Writer's Block

    10 years ago

    Have you ever reached a point in your writing life where the ink in your mental pen dries up? If so, congratulations. You are an official member of the Writer's Block Club. Writer's block can be scary. Some writers affected by this phenomenon...

  • Home Safety Tips From the Safety 'Oops' Expert

    Home Safety Tips From the Safety 'Oops' Expert

    11 years ago

    A humorous take on home safety. Some names have been omitted to protect the guilty. You have heard it said that the majority of accidents happen at home. Judging from personal, painful, and embarrassing experience, this is true, and I have...

  • The Plain Truth About Motherhood

    The Plain Truth About Motherhood

    12 years ago

    As a mother, you love your adored and helpless son and care for him when he is small. You fret and nag and make sure your child takes his vitamins, eats right, and gets enough rest. You take him to the doctor when he is sick. Then your adored and...

  • The Birth of Winter

    The Birth of Winter

    12 years ago

    A season is dying. Autumn fades like The spirit of one Departing. Her Breath Slowly Ceases; The Stilled Heart Grows Cold. Autumn has Given up Her life So another Might live. Behold, Winter is born. ...

  • Heaven's Promises

    Heaven's Promises

    12 years ago

    Floating aloft On gossamer wings, It flutters by, Lovely to behold. Closer, closer... I reach for it. Fleeting away, It is quickly Gone from me, Out of grasp. Like a butterly, Earthly delights Tempt me Until I am ...

  • No Gravestone

    No Gravestone

    12 years ago

    Another year has passed. Gone the way of all years. There is no gravestone To mark its resting place. No black-dressed mourners weep in sorrow. No one lays flowers Beside a cold tomb. All that remains are shadows... Memories of...

  • How to Edit Text and Increase Your Readership

    How to Edit Text and Increase Your Readership

    12 years ago

    You have just typed the last word of what you feel is an award winning--or at least an attention getting--piece of work. Now it is ready for publication. Wrong. No matter how skilled you are as a writer, you need to edit your work before it is...

  • Floral Elegance

    Floral Elegance

    12 years ago

    Soft breezes tenderly caress pastel-hued fragrance; Adorned in fragile velvet, royalty lifts her lovely face; Yearning for radiant kisses, her countenance turns skyward; She reaches to embrace warmth, waiting for showers of love; ...

  • Cats Are Trainable and Cool, Too

    Cats Are Trainable and Cool, Too

    11 years ago

    Your cat can, in all probability, be trained. Felines are not the dumb animals some people would have you believe they are. Stubborn? Perhaps. Arrogant? Most likely. Good at playing deaf? Certainly. Stupid? Probably not. Cool? Definitely, as only...


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