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I am presently working as a High School teacher in Mathematics and General Science. My teaching experience is 20 years. I hold Post Graduation (M.Sc.) degrees in Mathematics, Physics and Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) from Osmania University.

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  • Kingdoms-Plantae- Animalia- Six Kingdom Classifications

    Kingdoms-Plantae- Animalia- Six Kingdom Classifications

    12 months ago

    It is the 4th kingdom in Whittaker's Classification. It includes all green eukaryotic plants. Still there are some parasites in it. So Biology is rightly called also as Science of Exception.

  • Mechanism of Photosynthesis

    Mechanism of Photosynthesis

    3 years ago

    Did you ever heard of Match fixing in a cricket? We know that it is wrong. But if the process of photosynthesis is viewed as a game, we see that a match fixing takes place between the factors of photosynthesis to...

  • Internal Structure of Root

    Internal Structure of Root

    2 years ago

    Anatomy deals with the study of gross internal details of plant organs like root, stem and leaf etc. the Dicot (primary), Monocot roots and stems in the transverse section show three main zones.

  • Wildlife under Threat

    Wildlife under Threat

    2 years ago

    The destruction of forests, pollution, climatic changes and extensive hunting has resulted in the extinction of some species of plants and animals, and many more are approaching towards extinction.

  • Cycle of Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Hydrogen

    Cycle of Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Hydrogen

    2 years ago

    Innumerable kinds of plants and animals are found on earth which is different from each other in shape, size and structure. All these are basically made up of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen.