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I'm an almost middle-aged misfit chick who lives in one of the most beautiful, eclectic and accepting places on planet Earth: Seattle, Washington, USA.

I write for teenagers on life and how to find your own way through it - because I see too much out there pounding at endearingly-tender, developing hearts & minds; and I don't see NEARLY enough guidance or concern. As long as they are not bleeding REAL BLOOD they are all JUST FINE.

Sometimes you need an honest perspective from us older kids who've been down the road ahead of you. Because growing up is about a LOT more than just making sure you get good grades and behaving the way the adults around you teach you to behave.

Also, I LOVE constructive writing criticism and am always looking for ways to improve my skill. PLEASE feel free to let me know what you think about anything I've written - and thanks!

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