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Survey for Christian Congregations on Abortion: How Well Do You Know Your People?

Updated on August 19, 2017
Misfit Chick profile image

A curious & natural writer, communicator & referee, Catherine is adept at simplifying & explaining some puzzling life conundrums.

Photo by photostock
Photo by photostock

I write for young adults and young girls, especially; because how they are treated and what happens to them concerns me. This world is not exactly tuned into them.

This survey is based on the hotly-debated question about Christian women having the most abortions.

The thing that was amazing to me in the responses of this question; is that Christian adults - especially women - seem so naive about the 'normal' lives of other Christians they know. It is a far more common choice that young (and not so young) Christian girls make without their parents; and often for reasons that should be at the bottom of the list.


Online Christian Survey About Abortion

As a Christian, have you ever had an abortion?

See results

Have you even known another Christian who has had an abortion?

See results

You don't have to believe me or any statistics, you can discover the reality of things for yourself. I implore you... Cut & Paste the questions below into handouts for your congregation.

This survey is directed toward Christian Congregations. If you belong to a different religion, please adjust this survey to suit your religious beliefs. In fact, this questionnaire is solely for informational purposes within any congregation – there ARE NO JUDGEMENTS that come with this. As such, feel free to insert, delete or edit questions that your religious community would be the most concerned about.

This is not to create a way to point fingers at anyone. No sane woman - Christian or otherwise - WANTS to have an abortion. They are not murderers. They are your Christian daughters; and many of their hearts break to choose abortion - because they DO 'believe'...

So, why do they choose it?

Hopefully this survey will help shed some light on that question and others. We all want fewer abortions to be happening all over the world.These questions are so that everyone can see just how REAL life really is for people within any religious community.

Photo by thephotoholic
Photo by thephotoholic

The Congregational Questionnaire

Note: This is an ‘on your honor’ poll. Please answer each question within the context of ‘being in your religion’. Activities conducted prior to any religious conversion do not count.

1. Are you Male or Female?

2. How old are you?


3. Do you believe in God?

__ Yes
__ No
__ Undecided

4. Do you believe Jesus Christ was/is a real person?

__ Yes
__ No
__ Undecided

5. Do you believe that The Bible is the complete and sole-authority of The Word of God?

__ Yes
__ No
__ Undecided

6. Did you grow up in this religion?

__ Yes
__ No

7. Why do you regularly attend religious services here?

__ I love my God and I am here to worship & serve him.
__ Sunday Services are a cherished aspect of my weekly social circle.
__ A family member or guardian insists that I attend.
__ Other reason (please elaborate)

8. Do you believe in the basic spiritual concepts that are taught here – salvation, baptism, etc?

__ Yes, I believe in this religion.
__ No, I’m just along for the ride.
__ Most things, yes – some no.
__ Undecided on most things.

9. Have you ever committed a ‘big sin’ because you believed that God would forgive you, later?

__ Yes
__ No
__ Maybe/Probably

10. Have you ever prayed and asked God to harm another person or group of people?

__ Yes
__ No

11. Have you ever stolen anything worth over $100?

__ Yes
__ No

12. When was the last time you told a lie?

__ I don’t lie.
__ I slip sometimes, but I rarely lie.
__ Yesterday to last week, fairly regularly.
__ I have become a compulsive liar.

13. Have you ever damaged someone else’s property in anger?

__ Yes
__ No

14. Have you ever been physically abusive to your spouse, children or siblings?

__ Yes
__ No
__ Not applicable to me

15. If you answered yes, do you still struggle with 'being abusive'?

__ Yes
__ No
__ Sometimes
__ Rarely

16. Do you believe in sexual abstinence outside of marriage?

__ Yes
__ No

17. Have you ever had pre-marital sex?

__ Yes
__ No

18. Have you ever had sex with someone other than your spouse while married?

__ Yes
__ No
__ Not applicable

19. Have you ever forced sex onto another adult without their consent?

__ Yes
__ No

20. Have you ever forced sex on a child or an animal?

__ Yes
__ No

21. If yes to either question above - do you still struggle with this sexually-deviant behavior? (the feelings OR the actual behavior)

__ Yes
__ No
__ Sometimes
__ Rarely

22. Do you believe that homosexuality is a sin?

__ Yes
__ No
__ Uncertain

23. Have you ever had romantic or sexual feelings for someone of your same sex?

__ Yes
__ No

24. Do you believe that life begins at conception?

__ Yes
__ No
__ Uncertain

25. Have you ever had an abortion?

__ Yes
__ No

26. If you have had an abortion, please eleborate why:

__ Medical reasons
__ Career purposes
__ My husband & I decided we could not afford/handle more kids.
__ My mom/parents made me get an abortion when they found out.
__ I was afraid of backlash within my family
__ I was afraid of embarrassing my family
__ Other (please elaborate briefly)

27. If you have had an abortion, who was the father?

__ My husband, it was an accident we weren't prepared for.
__ My boyfriend, we were both being irresponsible.
__ My boyfriend, I wanted him to stay with me.
__ My boss, fellow worker, teacher, some other adult 'pressured' me.
__ I was molested or raped by a friend, family member or neighbor, etc.
__ I was raped by a stranger or an acquaintance as an adult
__ Other, please elaborate:

28. Have you ever known another Christian who has had an abortion?

__ Yes
__ No
__ If yes, elaborate on why, if you know the reasoning behind their decision:

29. If there is any one anonymous message about your life that you would like your religious authority figures to be aware of or change – what would it be?

BONUS QUESTION: Are there any biblical topics that you wish your religion had a different perspective on? If so, what are they; and why?

Story of a Christian girl who chose abortion. It would help if more Christian women told their story. Many girls who have made this choice are now adults.


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    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 

      4 years ago from New Jersey

      Maybe you could shorten it to something like "Christian Churches: Do You Really Know Your Congregations?

      Normally I would never use a colon in a title, but HP has instructed me to do so twice. Good luck.

    • CatherineGiordano profile image

      Catherine Giordano 

      4 years ago from Orlando Florida

      I'm not Christian and I have never had an abortion, so as you requested, I did not do your survey. It will be interesting to see the results.

      As a market researcher, I have to add that this will not be a scientific survey because you will not have a random sample. However, you may still find some interesting results, especially if you do cross-tabs to see how the answer to a particular question correlates with other answers.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      This was a pretty good questionnaire. There is no results column, or any section where you discuss what your score is and what it means. Pretty good hub.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      5 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      God is love seems to be the big loser here. If you were an alien, observing humanity, you might think just the opposite were true.

      God seems to be hell fire and judgement...not much love AT ALL.


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