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Passions stem from many talents many professions. It always amazes me why I didn't think of that idea and find myself challenged turning to the ability to think outside the box. If there is a need my mind will not rest till it sparks a solution.

Being outdoors stimulates my mind. While working with my husband, he is a mason, I realized there was a need. He would do the mason job only. He never contracted the landscaping work. We all know that as we do one job another always pops up. I saw that need and began selling my services.

It didn't take long before I joined arms full throttle with my husband progressing in other services, designing gardens drives me to pick up where others might not have gone.

Garden design moves me. Natural arbors and stone, flowers, troughs, low maintenance shrubs are my passion. I love fixing problems in the landscape. Adding a decorative twist, water, stone changes everything.

Most of all it is the people, family, clients, friends and aquantances that drive Pamsscaping to what it is today. Looking forward to a brand new season. 2018, bring it on.

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