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Susan is a dusty, dry heat suffering Southwesterner and one of the few sane people in Arizona. She has all her teeth and no tattoos, although, she has a couple of piercings (ears people, geez.) She has a high school diploma and some book learnin’ from a couple of higher education establishments.

She is married to a man who was not a relative ever, well, until they joined in Holy Matrimony, that is. She has two step kids who seem to like her okay. She has a passel of other relatives and mostly they seem to like her too or are just polite liars. She can’t really tell.

She currently has two bosses named Mac and Lilly. They live on her dole and sleep all the day.

She use to go to mall offices and higher learnin’ establishments where she got paid to show up and do various things. Then she got the smarts of old age and retired.

When not ruminating on line you can find Susan curled up reading a book, playing cards with her buddies, wasting time on her computer, tooling around in the street-ready golf cart (because that is so dang cool), or demonstrating how uncoordinated she is at Tai Chi classes. You can follow her right here on Hub or her Facebook Page.

Her motto is: "Have fun."

(All the articles and the photos are Susan's and are copy written and may not be used without my explicit permission. However, with enough flattery and/or some cash I will probably let you use these!)

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