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Welcome to the profile on Page 1 SEO Tactics: a freelance web site designer turned white hat SEO specialist, makes websites show up on the first page of search engines, & enjoys sharing white hat SEO tips with any Internet entrepreneur who is seeking to be on page one of their niche to get more targeted traffic from their target market.

As an Internet entrepreneur freelance website designer turned white hat SEO specialist, I know how important it is to optimize for the keywords and key phrases that relate to your Internet business or niche business as well as to optimize for the visitor, so that you can attract the people searching for your niche (your target market), and get free hits to your niche business from your target market .

However, I would like to forewarn you that the SEO tips shared here are not just tips, some will be a mission, if you choose to accept, that will improve search engine ranking, and help you reach more of your target market, and they are purely white hat (meaning search engine approved, even with all the Google algorithims in place, and any algorithms update that Matt Cutts can come up with to fight webspam). Just check out these withstand-able SEO tips to optimize your website or content in the below articles.

If you enjoy my writing or find what I share useful, feel free to become one of my avid readers on Page1 SEO tactics, (sorry, I know the term is "followers", however I prefer the term reader, as a follower does things to fit in with the rest of the crowd, where as a reader is an individual who simply enjoys reading about certain topics or enjoys reading written works from certain authors.) You can find me on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or just subscribe to my feed by clicking follow. Your feedback is important to me as it will not only help me to improve my writing, but it will help me to continue writing about topics that interest you, so please feel free to leave feedback. I really enjoy sharing what I have learned, and I hope you will enjoy it, find it useful or helpful, and share with those you know would enjoy it as well.

Some other mediums I enjoy writing on include relationship advice, education, parenting advice, technology, money matters, and more. I also create graphics and articles for a reasonable price just send an email via the email link in the right hand corner of my fan mail on my profile page for any of your optimized content needs.

Please note: Images and content on Page 1 SEO Tactics supplied by Page 1 SEO tactics are Copyright of Page 1 SEO tactics.

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