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Pick a Niche SEO Tips: How to Find Niches & Optimize to Profit

Updated on June 20, 2013

Young Internet Entrepreneurs / Entrepreneur Newbies Are Lied to by Internet Marketing Experts

Many newbies to entrepreneurship on the Internet may not know it, but making money online with blogs, vlogs, websites, etc., is not as easy as the Internet marketing experts or top Internet entrepreneurs want the young Internet entrepreneurs (entrepreneur newbies) to believe. You see, the experts want you and other newbies to believe it's easy so they can sell one of their niche products to you or some other newbie. Thus, I felt it important to inform you of the misinformation going around about making money online being easy. This is due to the fact that in order to make money online, a mass market of people need to be able find the newbies' Internet business (also known as a niche business or niche market business) in the search engines. Preferably on the first page of their audience or customers search queries relevant to what the niche business offers in order to have a mass market reach, as page one of the top search engines is where the mass market is.

I know the Internet marketing experts say that anyone can vlog, blog, write articles, curate content, have an Internet commerce (e commerce) website, etc, etc, and make money online from doing so. However, you can't just get a niche market website or start a vlog or blog and get rich quick or even earn a monthly income online without a lot of hard work, learning, and a couple of useful search engine optimization (SEO) tools (which could be one of those niche products the Internet marketing experts are trying to sell you, however I'm not saying you should buy, as some of those niche products are black hat SEO tools that may go against Google's best practices, which the other major search engines don't like).

By now you may have realized that Internet marketing information on how to optimize a blog, vlog, curated content, article based niche business or Internet commerce web site to be search engine friendly is essential to the success of an Internet entrepreneur. However, where you start in your search of Internet marketing information will be a key factor to success and earning capability just as well, as search engine ranking is based on multiple factors which if utilized in the proper order can save you a lot of struggling for page rank and headaches. Luckily, you've come to the right Internet marketing information to get started. Beginning with how to find niches (topic or market) and choosing a niche that can be optimized to accommodate the top search engines web bot spider (web crawler in short) algorithms to get your e commerce or Internet business a search engine rank placement (SERP) on page one, will be a major contributor to the success and actually earning money for any Internet marketer or Internet entrepreneur, newbie or seasoned.

Choosing a niche will determine your revenue stream, which niche is right for you?
Choosing a niche will determine your revenue stream, which niche is right for you? | Source

How to Find Niches & Choosing A Niche That Can Be Optimized for Success

As having a mass market reach is the key to the success of a niche business (vlog, blogs, articles, or curated content) or niche market business (Internet commerce) and making money online, one of the most crucial steps for any newbie or seasoned Internet marketer / Internet entrepreneur is to pick a niche that has a great potential to become a successful niche market business or niche business. Choosing a niche of course will depend on the type Internet business you are establishing as the difference between an Internet commerce niche market business and curated content / articles / blog type information and mind stimulating based niche businesses would be like comparing Wall-Mart to a library. Where Wall-Mart is aimed at selling hot products with a low return rate in order to profit and the library is aimed at providing information and mental stimulation for visitors to return.

The more you know about the competition in your niche market the better, as it may save you from entering into niches that are over saturated with competition which can make it very difficult to get a page rank that will allow a mass market reach for any type (e-commerce or information based) of newbie Internet business. As search engine web crawlers are looking at how many other sites are currently indexed under the same topic, depending on how popular the subject is on the search engine, you could have some serious proving as to how relative and new your substance is to the niche as well as some extensive white hat SEO (organic search engine optimization) to do, if you want a chance at a good page rank in any popular niches.

E Commerce Success Depends on Market Research for Trending & Hot Products

As a niche market business will be aimed at selling hot products or services with a low return or drop rate in order to profit, the niche market research will require research reports on products or services that will depict how well the product or service sells, how often the consumer returns the product or cancels service due to dissatisfaction, trends, latest fads that people are following, research reports on the competitors of that niche, as well as market research into the niches being considered to see how well they will optimize for the search engines.

If you belong to an affiliate network you may have access to some of these research reports, however you can always contact your affiliate manager of the network who would be more then happy to provide you with market research information regarding the affiliate network's best converting offers and maybe a bit more useful data, as when you make more money your affiliate network will make more money.

There are several white hat SEO tools such as Google Trends, Yahoo's Trending Now , Google Adwords keyword tool, and Inbound Writer that allow you to check global and local trends, search volume (though Yahoo only shows you what is trending and not actual search volume for the trends which can help you see market popularity, it can still be useful), and more to help you gather the market research information needed to find niches to profit from. White hat SEO tools like these will not only allow you to promote a product or service for as long as it is profitable but will allow you to be able to add the latest trending products which can increase and steady your revenue stream.

Successful Niche Businesses Based on Information & Mind Stimulation Depend on Know-how

Like the books in a library, a niche businesses based on articles, curated content, etc will depend on the know-how (knowledge and expertise) and passion for the niche. Moreover, the niche itself would need to be a popular topic (as just as with an Internet commerce business, if you want to make money online, you want to get that market popularity with a popular subject) that can be easily updated with fresh content frequently that is useful or stimulating to your audience, as the major search engines like to know that the website housing your Internet business is doing it's part to keep the audience interested in the web site so their web bot spider will base part of your site's SERP on this. There of course is a lot more that you should know about how your site's substance influences the SERP that the web bot spiders give your site, however SEO tips for your content optimization is a whole article on it's own (so I provided the link to it in the bold words above, granted that is only part 1).

What's nice about niche businesses based on curated content, articles, etc. is that the amount of market research involved in finding niches and choosing a niche may be a little less work depending on the niche and you have the potential to earn a passive residual income. Unless your niche deals with products or services you can skip gathering market research information for them, however you will want to gather the remainder of the market research information needed for an e-commerce website, such as the latest trends, latest fads, market popularity, and competition. Which a good keywords tool like InboundWriter and the other SEO tools I mentioned earlier that provide trending market research information, can help you find those latest fads, trends, etc.

It's Not Enough to Find Niches & Pick a Niche, You Need Know How to Optimize Niches For a Ranking On Page One

Now that you know how to find niches by use of a few good SEO tools, and market research you need to know how to optimize niches you have picked, as the way topics or products on a web site are optimized could add quite a bit of weight to the ranking a search engine gives a website. I've mentioned that the search engines web crawlers are looking at the market popularity and competition for the topic to determine a page rank SERP, and to be careful with over saturation as it will make it harder to get your e commerce business or information / mind stimulation based e business on the first page of the major search engines. However I also mentioned that there is a lot more that the major search engines web bot spiders use to determine SERP and hooked you up with a link to some SEO tips.

As there are still a lot of factors the spiders use to determine a page rank that you need learn about, all of which go hand in hand in regards to search engine optimization, I'll give a brief overview of an important part of white hat SEO the web bots are looking for when ranking your e businessso you know what SEO lessons you need next. However, you'll notice as I'm discussing this important part of SEO, that I've hooked you up with a few other links to help you learn about all the other web crawler ranking factors. Thus you may want to bookmark this for easy access, since they all go hand in hand and each will be valuable when influencing the spiders to rank your page on the first page.

So what is this important factor that will help you get on page one of the major search engines? It is keywords (which if you ask me, should be the next SEO lesson you take) that tell the web crawlers that the content on the web site is related to the web site subject or products. Moreover, e commerce customers are using these keywords when searching for a best buy--wanting to read product reviews and details on the product--and the audience of a blog, vlog, etc., is using key words as they are searching for detailed information, ideas, etc. to satisfy their curious minds or to share with their friends on their favorite social network, which can help make content go viral (part 2) or turn your product into hot products. As you may have noticed key words play a big role--you've used them to help you find and choose a profitable niche product or profitable topics, your customers, readers, or viewers use them to find the content they want, and the top search engines use them to index your site's URLs (Uniform Resource Locators--which you can learn more about what a URL is, as well as optimizing it to get on page one) in the search results.

One Last SEO Tip for an E business Start Up

The SEO lessons ahead of you are important to know as you would not want to start your e business without meeting all the requirements the major search engines web crawlers are determining your page rank on. Meeting the web bot spiders requirements will help your e business in several ways:

  • Your e commerce business will be valued, with great customer service, (maybe even excellent customer service--however, how you run business will play into the customer service score your customers rate you at) provide your readers, viewers, or shoppers with what they need and search for.
  • The struggle to rank over your competitors business will be a bit easier, as you'll know all the white hat SEO tactics that the major search engines love so ranking over competitors could actually be fairly easy.
  • Your site will start out with a cutting edge by accommodating the top search engines and convincing them to give it a rank on page one for shoppers, readers, or viewers to find easier.

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