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How to Make Content Go Viral to Get More Targeted Traffic Part 1

Updated on June 20, 2013
See how these SEO tips can effect your analytics like above even if you don't write or vlog constantly. This image shows analytics from another of my writing accounts. (HP unpublished it a few times at first due to HP's ad-words over promotion)
See how these SEO tips can effect your analytics like above even if you don't write or vlog constantly. This image shows analytics from another of my writing accounts. (HP unpublished it a few times at first due to HP's ad-words over promotion) | Source

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Table of Contents
Want More Traffic...
Unique Content...
Fresh Content...
Content Length & Buffering...
Quick overview of the white hat SEO insights and organic SEO tips this article contains.

Want More Traffic to Your Website & More Leads from Your Target Market?

We all know that more traffic = more leads which = more money, but did you know that how you get more traffic to your blog, vlog , article, etc., is vital to having a page rank on the first page of the major search engines your target visitors are searching, which your earning capability depends on? There are many ways to get hits to a website, but whether those hits will be continuous and become more leads to make more money will depend on the SEO methods used to get more traffic. The SEO tips you are about to read will not just get hits to your site, they will help you get the continuous targeted traffic with more leads that you want with a boost to your SERP (search engine rank placement) and possibility to go viral just because you used these white hat SEO tips to optimize content on your webpage.

Content is the key to get more traffic!
Content is the key to get more traffic! | Source

Unique Content Can Impact a Search Engine Ranking on Google, Alexa Rank, Yahoo, Bing, HubPages, Etc. to a First Page SERP & Will Determine Whether You Get the Targeted Traffic You Want

How you optimize content can essentially make or break your page ranking, and the amount of traffic to your site, which is why the importance of unique content is one aspect that cannot be stressed enough. When search engines are indexing your new website article, vlog, etc., their web crawler (also known as a spider or web bot) takes a look at what your vlog, article etc., has to say, and if it says pretty much the same thing that all the other articles, vlogs, blogs, etc., on the internet in that niche are saying, you will be lucky if it’s placed in the back of the line of the search results. Though, most likely, your contents will be placed in the dreaded Internet black hole (or the sandbox as some of the other Internet gurus like to call it).

There are a few more benefits to writing or vlogging unique content then just getting your webpage placed in the front (or pretty darn close to the front) of the line with a page one ranking. One of the more important benefits is that writing or vlogging unique content will enrich and stimulate the minds of your readers and viewers by providing your audience with new knowledge, entertainment, ideas, spiritual fulfillment, or whatever your writing or vlogging is providing, which they will enjoy, and maybe even crave. This alone can result in many good things for you my friend. To begin, your readers or viewers could enjoy your writing or vlog so much that they decide to share it with their social media network friends giving it the possibility to go viral, leave you a comment, give your hub or video a rating, or maybe even become an avid reader or viewer, all of which will increase traffic to your hubs or web page, improve your search engine and HubPages ranking, and improve your article based communities score.

If the increasing traffic to your hub or site and gaining viewers and readers to read what you write or view videos you've produced hasn’t convinced you that writing or vlogging unique content is worth the effort, then maybe the minimum $15,000 in fines and court fees will convince you, as contents that are not unique ride a very fine line of copyright infringement.

Fresh Content Keeps Your Target Market Up-to-Date & Your Page Rank in Place

Another aspect of the content on your webpage that the search engines are checking is whether there are any new additions or changes to the contents to keep your substance fresh. If you’ve read How to Optimize to Get Page One of Your Niche & Stay on Top then you may remember that I said the special algorithms that the search engines and article based communities use, have pretty much the same criteria as a reader or viewer who essentially is what makes content viral .

As a reader and viewer, I enjoy obtaining new knowledge, entertainment, ideas, growing spiritually, etc., so I either go searching for it or I return to the website I know will keep me updated, which is exactly why the web crawler likes to find fresh, unique and updated web site contents. When the web crawler sees a webpage updated somewhat frequently with fresh content, it adds it into the calculation to determine the search engine ranking.

Content Length & Buffering Can Be Detrimental to Your Site Analytics & Page Rank

Did you know the length of your content could be hindering your page from going viral? What's even worse is that your content length could cause your site's analytics to show a high bounce rate, which won't look good to the search engines web crawlers indexing your page. How can contents do all that? According to many studies on Internet usage, many people who use the Internet have very little patience as well as an attention span. Some studies even suggest that the average attention span is only 15 seconds unless it is grabbed before that time is up. The more substance, including images, that you have on your sites, or the longer your hub or video is, can make your video have a lot of buffering, or make the hub load slower for the audience, taking up those precious 15 seconds you need to grab the attention of your target market. If you can't grab the attention of your audience because your page is loading too slow, your visitors will bounce right off your page causing your web site's analytics to have a high bounce rate, which in the eyes of the top search engines' web crawler means your page is useless to your target market.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your article between 1,000 to 1,800 words (if you don't have much more to discuss I think up to 2,300 would be fine as well), and videos at about 5 to 10 minutes to keep your buffering and load time down so your sites will load faster and your audience will be more likely to stick around for your attention grabbing line. Your summaries should be short and attention grabbing sticking around 160 characters in length as these are usually turned into meta tags in the HTML code that makes up that particular webpage to tell the top search engines what to display as a summary in the search results.

If the topic at hand requires more words or video time, turning it into a series of videos or articles could be more beneficial, providing a good amount of substance on a couple of webpages will allow the audience to have a choice on if they want more, and they won't get discouraged from an overwhelming amount of substance coming at them, as well as allow you to get more traffic by having more webpages. As long as you are providing the target traffic with what they are looking for, your viewer will be more likely to check out a series of videos or articles, giving you more targeted traffic that you want.

Relevancy, another Vital Contributor to Getting a SERP on Page One & to Get More Hits to Your Web Site

Of course relevancy had to be brought up at some point as it is one of the main criteria the search engines use to determine a web page SERP and if you want get more hits from visitors, you're going to need to provide your readers or viewers and the web crawlers with unique, fresh content that has relevance to the keywords and key phrases that your readers or viewers are searching for, and relevance to the keywords you told the web crawlers your substance relates to by using the words in the descriptions and subject matter of your articles or videos. If neither the web crawlers or the reader and viewer find your web page to be relevant to the keywords and key phrases, not only will the views be short lived and have a negative impact on your website’s analytics, it will also cause your ranking to plummet into the Internet black hole--sandbox.

There is more about the link between keyword relevancy, the audience, and making viral content (which could help you grow a following) to get on the first page of the top search engines, that newbie and seasoned internet marketers alike should know about if they want the best chance for their contents to go viral. This link is the relational aspect of relevance, which is to say how your visitors relate to the contents on your pages. In 2010 there was a study conducted by Jonah Berger and Katherine L. Milkman of the University of Pensilvania Marketing Department and Wharton Business School titled “What Makes Online Content Viral”, that backs up the relativity connection.

What Makes Online Content Viral

Quite an enlightening and interesting research paper for those who are interested in reading it to understand visitors better, just bookmark this page (so you can come back and learn more SEO tips) and then click on the title of the study above to go to the download page.

The research provides a range of understanding on how the visitor relates emotionally effects how activated, aroused the visitor feels which impacts whether or not your contents will make viral status.

In short the study shows that the level of anger, anxiety, amusement, arousal, desire, excitement, fascination, fear, fulfillment, inspiration, joy, rebellion, surprise, etc. that the online media evokes the visitor to feel, the more active or inactive the audience will feel affecting the likely-hood of the reader or viewer discussing or sharing content. A few other interesting findings that came from this study that you should keep in mind as you are trying to create viral content and improve search engine ranking are:

  • Positive substance that evokes high activating arousing emotions such as inspiration, surprise, amusement, joy, desire, or awe from the visitor is shared more.
  • Negative substance that evokes high activating arousing emotions such as anger, anxiety, fear, disgust from the audience is shared more.
  • Substance that induces deactivating relaxing emotions such as sadness, guilt, is less viral.

Contents are a Key To Get More Traffic & Improve SERP Yet...

With the many factors that weigh into getting more targeted traffic, more quality leads from that traffic, as well as appeasing the web crawlers, optimizing your web page’s content is just one of many ways to improve a SERP to a first page rank. Of course there is more to optimizing content which I've covered in a part 2, so check it out, and when you’re done optimizing, come back to check out my profile to learn more white hat SEO tips for optimizing your webpages to get more traffic, and more leads from your target market.

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    • Page1 SEO tactics profile imageAUTHOR

      Page1 SEO tactics 

      6 years ago

      Thanks ppc-specialist, I'm glad you found part 1 of my organic SEO for contents web series interesting, and much appreciate the rating, sharing and your great comment. You are correct on the assumption about the bounce rate being low, but that's only due to following the SEO tips I've discussed here and in my other articles, and it will do the same for others who follow the tips as well.

    • ppc-specialist profile image


      6 years ago from Pakistan

      Good detailed info given by you... it was interesting to read ... your bounce rate should be low :) rated up and sharing

    • Page1 SEO tactics profile imageAUTHOR

      Page1 SEO tactics 

      6 years ago

      Thank you travel_man1971 for checking out my white hat SEO advice and for your great comment, voting and sharing, I much appreciate it. I'm glad you found the advice helpful, and hope you have a blessed day!

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 

      6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      Thank you for this awesome information. I'll keep it in mind. Rated up and shared!

    • Page1 SEO tactics profile imageAUTHOR

      Page1 SEO tactics 

      6 years ago

      I'll see what I can do TechTonic, unfortunately I'm running on limited computer time for a while, so it may take me a couple days to get back to you on your hubs. If you haven't already you should check out my article on keywords as well, as it may provide you with the keyword tips you are looking for. Thanks for checking out my hub and for your comment.

    • timorous profile image

      Tim Nichol 

      6 years ago from Me to You

      You're quite right..unique, well-written and informative content is a big part of it. However, you still have to promote your web sites and articles, no matter how excellent you think they are.

      By the way, you've used the word 'context' in place of 'content' many times in this article. Better check and correct that.

    • TechTonic profile image


      6 years ago

      That was pretty interesting.Can you have a look at my Hubs and give me a few tips on keyword incorporation?




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