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I am an artist, a calligrapher, by profession & an amateur writer. I love to express myself through poetry. My poems mainly focus around, love, relationships, spirituality and self-improvement. I want to inspire others to be the best of themselves and do the same myself.

I have decided to use this platform to mainly write about Roshni (an alias for a real person, whom I have known all my life). Her experiences, some good and others "trying"! In the hope that perhaps some might learn, or relate or understand life better from them. - this idea though is experimental, I just might decide against it as we go along.

lets see...

Note: All fake names or alias's are used for the persons mentioned in relation to Roshni and her life esperiences and events. The purpose of these stories and writings is not to mallign or expose anyone, these are just stated here in the hope that others may learn or relate or perhaps receive some healing or catharsis through these.

you can visit my profile on wikinut to read my poems and some other articles.

Here's a list of them if you want to check them out individually:

Let Last This Moment

You Saved The Day!

And One Day Die, We All Will...

Time a Tutor!

And I bow down…


Oh Allah, I Love You!


Some of my poems

Some more of my treasured poems

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  • A love of a different kind

    A love of a different kind

    2 years ago

    They stood like that for some time. She finally spoke, she whispered hoping he would hear her “Haseeb, hold me tight, … like you would never let me go!”

  • On life, I'm High!

    On life, I'm High!

    5 years ago

    09/08/12 I know how it works, I have mastered the art, Constantly wearing masks, Is how you carry out the tasks! My tears are mine, My fears are mine, With a smile on my face, I can fake I’m...

  • Roshni – The Key That Got Lost

    Roshni – The Key That Got Lost

    3 years ago

    Roshni – curious and daring. One afternoon was busy satisfying a creepy curiosity with her friend Parvati hiding in Parvati’s elder sister Artee’s bedroom. Roshni’s family had a group of seven or eight...

  • Roshni – The Real Ugly Duckling

    Roshni – The Real Ugly Duckling

    3 years ago

    Roshni – though born as cute as any other child, had evolved into a tanned black prune. She was a scrawny little kid with big cheeks and a bad hair day. She was dark, in a country, once ruled by the British, and its...

  • Roshni – waiting for the miracle

    Roshni – waiting for the miracle

    5 years ago

    Roshni, a forever-young vivacious girl! I have known her since forever. We have shared a love hate relationship. It took me the longest time to fully understand her. Nonetheless, we have been there for each other...