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Radical Rog profile image

Peter Rogers (Radical Rog)

Joined 7 years ago from Plymouth




Also follow me on:

Once upon a time, all life is a fairy tale. Mine begins when I was born and was nearly cut short aged 8.

This resulted in what is now called, a near death experience, not that, aged only 8, I knew what it was, only what I experienced. And while there are those that denigrate such things and excuse them as some mental aberation, none of their explanations fit the actual experience.

But aged 8, such things are easily passed by and I didn't tell anyone. A later, different but more painful event, aged 12, added a tenuous link to open a spiritual question that over the years religion, over various denominations from Christianity to the Moonies and beyond, have failed to answer.

It's not that I don't believe, it's that askign the question has revealed that the truth has been made occult and the meaning of that word is very apt. It means hidden. Spiritual truth is hidden behind the lie of religion, all of them.

So, call me a pagan, and occultist, whatever. I won't because I don't like titles and Christ was right when he said it was a narrow path. There's no room to follow another and you can't be led. Each must walk their own path.

So there's one driving force and I believe this makes me a philosopher, in the truest sense of the word.

I have no degree in the subject, though those that do seem only to have the ability to quote the thoughts of ancient philosophers who also have no degree, only the ability to think and question, which those who quote often do not.

I like history. History, like religion, is a lie, an untruth, at the very least, a partial truth tinged with enough distortion to tell a different story. The good guy always wins because the victor gets to write the history of any conflict.

It could be called a cynical attitude but testing what is said or written is a good principle to follow and back on the spiritual front again. Why should you be asked to believe and have faith. Blind faith allows to to be led, you know not where and Christ spoke against the blind leading the blind.

So I write. I started as a boy driving my school English master mad due to writign endless reams whenever he set simple composition homework expecting an easy life as a result.

My hope and trust is that my ability to write has improved and those that read my postings here find them both interesting and beneficial. I have also written, and had published, and been paid for, articles for magazines, and continue to do so, so I feel reasonably confident on this front.

These range from an article on how to build a cess-pit to dissertations on various aspects of mythology and politics.

I will admit to being opinionated, but not to demanding that any reader agrees with my opinion. I can be no fairer than that.

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