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    Risk Factors of Heart Attack and Diet Control to Prevent It

    2 years ago

  • How to Get Pregnant with A Male Child

    How to Get Pregnant with A Male Child

    2 years ago

    Here you will read some useful tips to get conceived a male boy. Though it is in the hands of nature to have a male baby, we can follow some things to achieve this.

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    Lord Shiva, The Supreme God of Hinduism

    2 years ago

    The prime god of Hinduism Lord Shiva is worshiped as one of Three Lords. He is believed to be the destroyer of evil things. In this article you can read an interesting legend of this God and also learn about his important temples in India.

  • Some Interesting Facts About Our Solar System

    Some Interesting Facts About Our Solar System

    2 years ago

    There are millions of galaxies in our Universe and 'Milky Way' is one among them where our solar system exists. Our solar system is made of celestial bodies such as sun, planets, moons and asteroids. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are the planets existing in...

  • 16

    The Mayan Civilization And Its Some Important Features

    9 years ago

    Maya Civilization is said to be one of the old Mesoamerican civilizations originated from the areas around present Mexico in North America. The Mayan people who lived around yucatan area showed their outstanding skills on art, architecture, astronomy, writing, calendar, building various pyramids...

  • 18

    Nine Planetary Deities of Hinduism

    11 years ago

    In Hinduism nine planetary deities are getting importance as they have significant efffect on everyone's life. They all are worshipped and celebrated as other major gods and goddesses like Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Shri Shakthi and Shri Mahalaxmi.

  • 16

    How to Become A Proofreader?

    2 years ago

    Nowadays there is an ever-growing demand for the proofreaders. Proofreading job involves checking documents, articles for spelling and grammatical errors. In this article you will learn how to become a successful proofreader and where to get proofreading jobs...

  • 40

    Lord Muruga and His Six Abodes in Tamil Nadu, India

    13 years ago

    Lord Muruga, the God of Beauty and Gnan, is prominent God of Hinduism. He is mainly celebrated by Tamilians as God of kurinji land. He is the younger son of Lord Shiva and the brother of Lord Vinayaka...

  • 44

    Some Important Species of Insects in Amazon Rainforest

    11 years ago

    Amazon rainforests are the home for more than 25 millions of different species of insects. Warm climate with heavy rainfalls result into abundant vegetation in most part of the region make favorable conditions for the growth and reproduction of millions of species of insects.

  • The Great Jainism

    The Great Jainism

    2 years ago

    The Great Religion, Jainism is founded by Rishabanath, the first Tirthankara of the religion. It's one of the ancient religions of India. It dates back 1st century and quite differs from other religions by its unique principles and concepts. It preaches to love all living beings equally and do no...

  • 18

    Allopathic Medicines in Our Daily Life

    2 years ago

    Generally allopathic medicines are classified into different groups according to their properties and uses. In this article you will learn about many different kinds of allopathic medicines used in the medicinal world.

  • 35

    The Snake Gods of Hinduism

    11 years ago

    The Snake Gods are adorned and celebrated in all the Hindu temples of the world. From many centuries the Snake Gods have been given prominence in the life of most of the Hindu people. The Female Snake God is called as Nagarani and the Male God as Nagarajan.

  • 12

    Some Important Mammal and Bird Species of Amazon Rainforest

    2 years ago

    Amazon rainforests are the land of bio-diversity in our earth. It's the home for about 300 species of mammals and 1,500 species of birds. Puma, Anteater, Squirrel monkey and Capybara are some important mammals living in this region. Toucan, Macaw, Hoatzin and Great Kiskadee are some important bird...

  • 28

    Lord Vinayaka, the Great God of Hinduism

    2 years ago

    Lord Vinayaka, the great god of Hinduism, is humbly adorned by the Hindu people from all over the world in their daily life. He is the elder son of Lord Shiva and has significance in almost all the Hindu temples of the world. Ganesh, Vignesh, Ganapathy and Pillayar are the other names of this God.

  • Astrology and Gemstones

    Astrology and Gemstones

    8 weeks ago

    From the years of previous decades people of India and other parts of the world have been in the belief of using precious and semi-precious stones to cure some diseases and mental disorders and also to change and improve their life conditions...

  • 18

    Facts About Niagara Falls

    2 years ago

    Niagara falls, one of the major tourist attractions of both US and Canada , is a dream spot of the people for those who are fond of natural wonders from all over the world. Magnificent and spectacular view of this great falls makes any one to propose to visit in person to get wonderful experiences...

  • How to Calculate The Capacity of Water Tank And Construct Any Shape of Tank For A Specific Capacity

    How to Calculate The Capacity of Water Tank And Construct Any Shape of Tank For A Specific Capacity

    12 years ago

    Generally water is stored either in a cylindrical tank or in a square tank. We can easily find out the capacity of water storage tank of any size in liters. For eg. if you want to find out the capacity of a square water tank measuring 1m length, 1m breadth, 1m height, first convert meter to cm. As...


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