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My name is Renaldo Pratt born and raised on the island of New Providence, The Bahamas. I grew up with three siblings, one brother and two sisters one of which is my twin. Although we were born the same day we were distinctly different with no resemblance at all. My father and mother moved around a few times before we settled in an area known as Mason’s Addition, this is where I began my journey into this life.

I could remember me and my twin sister going to a pre-school called busy bee, all sharply dressed and ready for our first day at pre-school. My older brother and sister were more fortunate to attend a private school and my twin sister and I went to a government school. Things were tough so it was not affordable for all of us to attend a private institution. From busy bee I went on to Centreville primary school where I completed my primary school education. It was fortunate to me to be named a prefect and receive numerous awards academically.

High School days made me very nervous. Every day was a challenge. Of course my sister and I had to walk from Mason’s Addition to Donald Webster Davis Secondary School every day. Those areas we walked through were very dangerous; every day there was a gang war. I would find myself many days running for cover. Even when outsiders jumped the back wall of the school I had to seek refuge under a desk. And when there was not the outsider it was the school bullies that robbed me of my lunch money. Eventually I learned how to evade them. My parents tried their best to keep us on the straight and narrow by taking us to church and involving us in community organizations such as Awana and Boys Brigade and the Church choir. I also had a part-time job at Bell’s Department Store where I worked after school hours. My twelfth year in school was quite enjoyable as they elected me to be head boy that year. I was never a public speaker but with that post I had no other choice but to be one. I had a lot of good memories and bad but made it through by the grace of God.

After graduation I continued to work at Bell’s Department Store where I was employed on a full time basis. While at Bell’s I saved money towards my college education and attended college for a short while but was discouraged because of lack of funding, mom dad could not assist. But that did not stop my endeavors to succeed at something else that I thought was challenging. I set gaze on the Defense Force. I had heard a lot of rumors saying how difficult the training was, many even said that I was going to quit. I said to myself I am going for this. And so I applied, got accepted and completed new entry training on the 24th of July 2000. Although promotion was slow I completed all courses required to advance to the next level. I have been assigned to five departments since I passed out of training. Namely Squadron, where I have been attached to Harbor Patrol, HMBS P34, HMBS P43, and HMBS Yellow Elder. The Supply section, where I worked in the fuel section, technical stores and technical procurement. I also was assigned to the Transport Department where I worked for four years, and the Commando Squadron Department where I was stationed at Government House, The U.S Embassy, The Chinese Embassy and The Detention Centre and finally Headquarters where I am currently assigned. It was here that I received the most prestigious award, in my opinion, as headquarters’ proper marine of the year and Commander Defence Force accommodation.

I end by using this famous quote by Walt Disney “All dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

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