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    Mediumship for a Different Kind of Entity

    3 months ago

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    Planetary Influencers Scorpio Eclipse

    3 months ago

    Hello. I am Renee Abbott, also known as Jasmine Renee Abbott and Jasmine Renee Crystal Abbott. I am a professional psychic medium. I live through the guidance of my soul mates, the planets. It is these bodies that influence the direction of my life. As one of my spirit guides taught me.

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    Hawaii, Ho'oponopono: A Mystery Journey Cloaked in Suspense

    8 months ago

    It was fate that kicked my life into a new direction, which involved going to Hawaii, the Ho’oponopono, Goddess Pele, and going through Goddess Pele's fire. It all started with an invitation to fly to Hawaii. At that time I was agoraphobic. Something inside me said go. I did.

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    Are the Planets Our Guides? Is Astrology Our Map for Our Soul's Purpose?

    10 months ago

    Does Astrology Hold an Imprint of Our Original Default Mind? One of the first lessons I learned was about the planets. They are our soul mates. Their function was to guide us through this lifetime, offering us the experiences needed to do the task we came to Earth to do.

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    Manifesting Blow-ups

    10 months ago

    Stopping the cycle of manifesting blow-ups that we often meet in our life. This is a series of blogs that walks you through enchantment and fun as we create the reality we seek. First, a visit with the patterns that control you and how to tell when they stop. Why did you fall into the pit.?

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    Manifesting without the Nonsense, Step 1

    3 years ago

    Tired of failing in manifesting? It is not you. It's the nonsense you learned. Manifesting works. There is no secret, nothing hidden. Here is step one, without the nonsense.

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    Love Extends Beyond the Veil

    3 years ago

    We love mystery, mystical, mythology and the unknown. It is a wonderful way to escape the drudgery of everyday life. I've attempted to escape, what most people call fiction, in my everyday life. The time has come to share my world with you. Welcome to my world of artistic spirits & how they love.

  • Manifestation without the Nonsense

    Manifestation without the Nonsense

    3 years ago

    You run from people who speak words, the law of attraction and creating your own reality. Why wouldn’t you run? These concepts, in the past, crushed you. Instead of boosting your confidence. You curled up in a ball and put a sign on you, loser. I know that road.

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    After Death Rejected Me, I Built a New Life

    4 years ago

    Death rejects me. Divine askes the Hippie Ghost Band, a group of spirits, to intervene and help you to heal. They did began creating a new me, with the use of Tarot cards? It was fun and exhilirating.

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    Suicide the Day Death Rejected Me

    4 years ago

    Over forty years as a spiritual counselor, suicide is one area I have helped many to walk away from. 2015, I tettered in taking my own life. The soul pain I daily lived in became my cry, take my life God. Instead, God put me on a different path. We can live heaven on earth. I am doing it.

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    Tarot Hermit with the Tarot Devil, are you Dancing with them?

    8 years ago

    Are you living a stuck existence? Need help? This symbolic journey can offer you guidance in removing the chains that bind you daily. Tarot spread included to aid the journey away from the Devil card.

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    5 of cups, the Arm of the Hierophant

    9 years ago

    The 5 of cups can be used in self-healing of a broken heart. This hub will help you through the process of mending your heart and your life.

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    The Lovers and the Devil of Tarot: Entering the Dance of Love

    6 months ago

    What does it mean when you pull these two tarot cards? Are you dancing in the tangle of the Lovers and the Devil? Has love been a painful journey? Learn how to get out of this merry-go-round and heal yourself.


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