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I've lived it, done it and seen it done to others.

If I can't answer your questions it's because there is a better answer elsewhere or the answer is all ready in front of you, you just can't see it yet.

Born in the last millenium, R has managed to create quite a niche audience with several dating advice web sites.

Life does have meaning, there are events that are beyond our direct control, the only people we need to be responsible to is ourself and the ones we love.

2013 is becoming an awesome year.

I am a fighter and refuse to back down from life's challenges. I've been thrown some curves, we all have, but I refuse to give in to heartbreak or illness.

Fight with me, we can both use the support!

In 2012 I lost, and found, the love of my life again. Sheila, you mean the world to me!

In 2011 I had my left eye removed due to Ocular Melanoma, [see: www.MyOcularMelanoma.com and also www.EyeForACure.com] a cancer of the eye that is so rare 6 people out a million will be diagnosed with it each year, 4 of the diagnosis will be after death. I battled the inevitable for more than 8 years. The "Yellow zombie eye" is actually a "happy face" prosthetic which you can see more clearly at the above websites.

Read along with me as we delve into relationship issues of all meanings and shapes.

I will promise to provide to you the best of my wisdom and intuition and I regularly respond to posted comments of the further questions that are raised and asked with each published article.

Together, travelling life on a variety of social and personal paths, we will look into the future, sometimes in a general way, and sometimes in a much more specific article, with the aim of dealing with a specific topic of interest and the posted comments that follow.

After you read any of my articles please offer a comment,

I look forward to interacting with my readers and hope to count you among those that you will join my growing HubPages following.

I want to thank the more than 500,000 readers of my articles and the thousand + that have commented on them and asked for advice about the topic at hand.

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