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SevDiggity profile image


Joined 9 years ago from Hartville, Ohio




Hello, everyone! My name is Ryan, but you can call me Sevy... or "SevDiggity" :) My biggest passions in life revolve around MUSIC... Everything that has to do with music (listening, singing, playing piano, playing drum set, playing guitar, writing music, recording music, playing madolin, playing various percussion instruments, mixing music, DJing, mastering music, writing accapella music, choirs, bands, teaching music, going to concerts, traveling to do music, etc) makes life so much more enjoyable. So, you will get to experience some hubs that will help you have a more fulfilled musical experience in life. Here are a few to start with

Keep Warm w/ Christina & Ali Christensen

Buddy, The Elf, As Host Of The 2010 SNL Christmas Special - A Reality Or A Hopeful Request?

Music Appreciation Fest: Volume 4 - Christina Lee [Christina Christensen]

Christina & Ali's Special Day At Taylorview JHS

America's Got Talent 2010 Tour Schedule Revealed

CHRISTINA and ALI - Singing Sisters

Music Appreciation Fest: Volume 1 - The Kinks

Music Appreciation Fest: Volume 2 - Pixelh8

Music Appreciation Fest: Volume 3 - AlexaRae [Ali Christensen]

My Music On Myspace: A Guide For Music Artists

Exploring Billboard's 50th Anniversary All-Time Hot 100 Top Songs (1958-2008)

I also love writing poetry and anything else that strikes my interest, which pretty much covers everything. :) I get very interested in various topics, including health care tips (such as:5 Effective Treatments To Beat Nausea And Vomiting ), fitness tips, video games (such as: Video Game Country), movies, relationships, television, origami, college life, spiritual life, 'How To' guides ... you name it, I probably have something to say about it :) Here are some links to my hubs relating to LIFE:

How To Cope With The Death of a Friend
How Much Are You Worth?
5 Ways To Get People To Like You [The Right Way]
MORE Ways To Get People To Like You [The Right Way]

The most important piece to my life is that I am a Christian striving to be more like Christ everyday through the good times I am standing on top of the biggest mountain and through the storms where I am stuck in the lowest valley... no matter what, my foundation stands firm on Jesus Christ, the Rock of my salvation. My mother passed away on New Year's Day in 2006 due to an autoimmune disease called Scleroderma, and my Grandfather passed away due to cancer that same year. Just this year (yesterday) one of my best friends who was only 23 years old passed away from a rare form of sarcoma where he had a tumor in his heart. Each of these individuals had a very strong influence on my life in a very positive way that taught me about faith, hope, strength, LOVE, endurance, patience, integrity, character, and so much more that I cannot even express in words. Their influence on my life will forever motivate me to be a better man, and I hope that through my hubs you will strive to be a better person as well. God Bless! I look forward to checking out other hubs, meeting new friends, and learning something new everyday!


Sevy [Ryan Severns, AKA SevDiggity]

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