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Shelly Bryant

Joined 14 years ago from Singapore and/or Shanghai

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    Interview: Tanya Hanson, Romance Writer

    3 years ago

    Interview for Tanya Hanson SB: When was your first novel published? Was it a work of Christian fiction? If not, when did you get your start in the field of Christian fiction writing, and what made you make that leap? TH: From 2002-2009, I...

  • 16

    When Two Worlds Collide: Poetry and the Visual Arts

    3 years ago

    The history of the interaction between poetry and the visual arts is both long and broad, stretching not only far back into history, but also to all parts of the globe we inhabit. In almost every culture, poetry has reacted to the visual arts, and...

  • 4

    Tomorrow Square, Shanghai

    3 years ago

    A few years ago, I saw a quietly spectacular scene when I was walking about at People's Square in Shanghai. The sun was setting behind some of the towering buildings downtown, casting an odd sort of lighting over the whole place. I pulled out my...

  • William Tyndale and the Tyndale Bible

    William Tyndale and the Tyndale Bible

    3 years ago

    William Tyndale (c.1494-1536) was one of England's early church reformers.  The repercussions of his translation work in 1525-26 were long-lasting in England, stretching across at least a century, stirred on further by the religious intolerance of...

  • 6

    John Wycliffe and the Wycliffe Translation of the Bible

    3 years ago

    Dr. John Wycliffe lived in the 1300s, and was one of the men responsible for helping to bring the Dark Ages to an end in England. Despite serious opposition from the Catholic church, Wycliffe fought tirelessly and fearlessly for the right to...

  • 2

    Finding Your Niche as a Poet: How to Locate Markets for Your Poetry

    3 years ago

    Getting poems into print is hard work. There is a lot of competition in the field. There is a lot of really bad poetry being written and submitted for publication. There's even a fair amount of bad poetry being published. So, how does the...

  • Cyborg Chimera (a Poetry Collection)

    Cyborg Chimera (a Poetry Collection)

    3 years ago

    Cyborg Chimera, released in October 2009, is Bryant's first poetry collection. It centers on ideas of hybridity, the subconscious, dreams, programming, reality, and illusion. It contains 42 poems, some of which have appeared in magazines,...

  • dark 'til dawn

    dark 'til dawn

    3 years ago

    The dark ‘til dawn series was conceived as a meeting point for the art of American poet Shelly Bryant and Chinese artist Peter Zhou (周宇). By bringing together two distinctive art forms from two different cultures, a unique new work has been...

  • Joseph Girzone

    Joseph Girzone

    3 years ago

    In 1995, Joseph Girzone left the world of the formal priesthood within the Catholic church and became a full time writer. His most famous fictional pieces center around the life of Joshua, a modern day incarnation of Jesus in our world. He faces the...


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