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I'm a freelance writer in combat boots.

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  • Wonder: Movie Insights

    Wonder: Movie Insights

    6 weeks ago

    The values learned from this movie are anchored on the precept, “When given the choice between being right or being kind choose kind.”

  • Birthday Prayer

    Birthday Prayer

    7 weeks ago

    Birthday is worth celebrating. This is the day of gratitude, forgiveness and hope. Happy birthday!

  • Learning Objectives for Science Five Lessons

    Learning Objectives for Science Five Lessons

    3 years ago

    Are you tired and drained of thinking appropriate learning objectives for your lesson plan or course syllabus? Here's my compilation of learning objectives for Science Five lessons.

  • Sample Learning Objectives for Science and Technology Three Lessons

    Sample Learning Objectives for Science and Technology Three Lessons

    21 months ago

    Learning objectives are needed to make a lesson plan or a course syllabus. These describe what the students would acquire by the end of the lesson, project, or course. The sample learning objectives provided in this...

  • Parts of Speech: Pronouns

    Parts of Speech: Pronouns

    3 years ago

    Pronoun is another part of speech. Learn or review more about it in this article.

  • Introduction to Scientist

    Introduction to Scientist

    7 weeks ago

    High grade for class presentation is not obtained from merely presenting facts about the subject. It requires creativity and other attributes to meet the aspired score. This article provides a sample script to introduce...

  • Motherhood


    7 weeks ago

    The love of a mother is unconditional. Her sacrifices from pregnancy to child rearing is immeasurable. Her child is her joy but sometimes her sadness.

  • Strategic Intervention Material (SIM)

    Strategic Intervention Material (SIM)

    2 years ago

    In reality, some learning areas in science get low to very low performance rating. Creating a Strategic Intervention Material (SIM) helps pupils to achieve the learning objectives and increase their performance. SIM for...

  • Love Poem: I have Given My All

    Love Poem: I have Given My All

    13 months ago

    Commitment with love is unconditional. If we are in love, we tend to give everything without any apprehension. As they say, loving is giving. But when a relationship ends, everything will not be back.

  • Lesson Plans in Teaching Motion

    Lesson Plans in Teaching Motion

    7 weeks ago

    Studies reveal that science is one of the most difficult subjects. This perception has evolved from the manner of teaching and personality of the mentor. To address this, educators need to adjust their teaching mode,...

  • Love in the Eyes of Hurricanes

    Love in the Eyes of Hurricanes

    7 weeks ago

    Natural calamities like hurricanes are hazardous to properties and lives. Some victims of hurricanes curse the effect they suffered. But for some, these calamities give them chance to find love.

  • Volunteer


    7 weeks ago

    After calamities or any devastation, volunteers pop-up to extend their help. They expect no compensation. Sincere smile and gratitude from people are their best reward.

  • The Teaching Profession

    The Teaching Profession

    14 months ago

    Teaching is one of the most challenging jobs. It requires a lot of talent, vast knowledge and noble attitudes. This is the most influential profession that shapes every professional we have today.