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    Guide to Monopoly Streets

    8 years ago

    This hub is for the Playstation 3 version of Monopoly Streets, a three-dimensional spin on the classic board game.

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    My Tour of Southfork Ranch

    5 years ago

    Southfork Ranch Archway Victoria Principal's autograph and handprints Howard Keel's autograph and handprints Steve kanaly's autograph, hand prints and footprints Larry Hagman's autograph, hand prints and footprints Linda Gray's autograph, hand...

  • Thanksgiving Tradition Since 1934

    Thanksgiving Tradition Since 1934

    5 years ago

    While everyone is gathered with friends and family to feast on traditional Thanksgiving Day menus of Turkey, dressing, ham, cranberry sauce and various side dishes, people of all demographics are gathered around the television watching one of three...

  • 8

    How Microsoft Sync REALLY Works on Ford Vehicles

    5 years ago

    Extensive personal research went into writing this hub. The information included here is based on personal knowledge of Microsoft Sync as it was installed on a 2010 Ford Fusion.

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    "Alias Smith and Jones" TV Show

    5 years ago

    Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry, two fictional bank and train robbers who lead the often humorous yet inept gang of outlaws called "The Devil's Hole Gang". The two loveable outlaws and their gang bungle an attempted train robbery. One of the passengers...

  • Have You Ever Wondered About...

    Have You Ever Wondered About...

    5 years ago

    Not that I'm interested in having a sex change operation but when Cher's daughter had the surgery to become a man, it made me ask the question. It's pretty easy to figure out how a man becomes a woman. Just cut off the protruding part no longer...

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    The Life and Death of an AIDS Patient

    5 years ago

    Becky as a vibrant, young teen  This is the story of my older sister, Becky, who acquired the HIV virus which ultimately developed into full blown AIDS.  There won't be any technical medical terms here.  This story is just my way of dealing with...

  • Humorous Stories About Kids and Animals

    Humorous Stories About Kids and Animals

    5 years ago

    When my niece was in the first grade, her school had devised a class teaching the youngsters the importance of giving precise and detailed information to emergency response operators such as the child's name, address, detailed description of his or...

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    Star Trek's Influence On Technology

    5 years ago

    Little did Gene Roddenberry know that in addition to the social impact Star Trek had, his groundbreaking idea of the perfect future did, indeed, influence the future.

  • Domino, Former Feral Cat

    Domino, Former Feral Cat

    5 years ago

    Before I can tell the story of my adopted feral cat, Domino, I need to give a little background of how he came to my apartment complex. Domino's birth mother, herself, is a feral cat who has been living on the grounds of my apartment complex for...


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