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Terrilyn Lum (Telynisblessed)

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  • ~To My Daughters.... My Treasures

    ~To My Daughters.... My Treasures

    4 years ago Everyday I watch you grow, blossoming into precious jewels of my heart. My oldest a PEARL, the Queen of Jewels... luminescent, exotic and precious to hold. A hidden treasure, that outshines them all when uncovered...

  • When loving your addiction ... becomes our demon~

    When loving your addiction ... becomes our demon~

    4 years ago

    Pain Betrayal When looking into a two way mirror is like looking at your reflection with no recognition, just a creature to tame. A child’s cry for a life she faces to soon, because the ones whose footsteps she follows lead her to broken...

  • The Quest for Salvation

    The Quest for Salvation

    4 years ago

    My testimony how I was saved..

  • 19

    The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks: Book or Movie?

    4 years ago

    In the Nicholas Sparks story called The Notebook he tells about the love between a man and a woman, from when they met as teenagers until they are in a nursing home, trying to overcome the trials of Alzheimer’s and loss of memory. Throughout the...

  • My Passion....

    My Passion....

    4 years ago

    This heart of mine yearns for something it lost so long ago. I wanted to walk away and never thought, I would feel again those feelings that came back to me like a hurricane. And here you are...making me forget what is so precious to me and my...

  • How to Tame Your Tongue and Change Your Life

    How to Tame Your Tongue and Change Your Life

    4 years ago

    Indeed, we all make many mistakes. For if we could control our tongues, we would be perfect and could also control ourselves in every other way. We can make a large horse go wherever we want by means of a small bit in its mouth. And a small rudder...

  • Poems For My Savior 3

    Poems For My Savior 3

    4 years ago

    There has been so many times that I have doubted You and lost faith. When I wanted You to say yes...You told me "No, it's not the right time yet." Like a child I stayed angry at a father whom I thought snatched it away..... When I asked You in...

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    Spartacus - Blood and Sand: STARZ TV Series Review

    4 years ago

    For months I have been watching the previews on STARZ for Spartacus Blood and Sand. Starring Andy Whitfield, an Australian actor and Lucy Lawless from Xena: Warrior Princess. So when January 22nd finally arrived I was curious to see if it was going...

  • Poems For My Savior 2

    Poems For My Savior 2

    4 years ago

    Thank you for this day Abba Father! The blessings You have poured down on me are too numerous to count.    I came to you not knowing your saving grace, only knowing that I was broken and shackled by sins and mistakes.    I never...

  • Within the Broken Mirror

    Within the Broken Mirror

    4 years ago

    On the outside….. She looked like a good girl, doing everything right. All that was expected of her she never failed to achieve. Looking at her you wouldn’t have known, you wouldn’t have seen the broken child she kept hidden, unseen.   In...

  • my fathers footsteps

    my fathers footsteps

    4 years ago

    It hurts every time I think of you. When I think of you, I see you in a dark place of your own making. I want you to stop hurting.... to know that it is OK to let go. All the pain you endured you thought no one saw.....what you didn't know was that...

  • Book Review of Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

    Book Review of Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

    4 years ago

    Sony Pictures made this bestselling book by Nicholas Sparks into a movie starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Sefried. Check it out in movie theatres on Feb 5th 2010! What can I say about this book?..."Dear John" is such a moving story that I could...

  • Poem For My Savior 1

    Poem For My Savior 1

    4 years ago

    Christian poem of love and worship to my Savior Jesus Christ.


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