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TheNerdyGardener profile image


Joined 6 years ago from Brisbane, Australia




Also follow me on:

Hi I'm Evan and I'll be writing articles under my hubpages account name TheNerdyGardener, welcome to my hubpages profile.

My article writing here will be two-fold, firstly to express my interest in the natural world and secondly to write articles containing handy gardening tips and secrets and general botanical and horticultural nerdiness, but be warned, my rambling could go in multiple other non-related directions.

I'm based in Brisbane, Australia so many of my gardening hubs will focus on providing gardening advice relevant to the sub-tropics, although you should be able to learn something useful or interesting no matter where you hail from.

I'm an avid gardener at home, particular when it comes to edible plants like vegetables, herbs and fruit trees, the native plants of Australia or any plant that is just downright weird or unusual.

I have presented several workshops for community seed savers group including one on backyard fruit tree orchard care and another that I'll be presenting soon on heirloom vegetable cultivars. Basic food security has been and will always be an important issue, no matter how much we bury our heads in technology as beneficial as it can be.

I enjoy connecting to the soil and prefer to grow organically at home whenever possible although if I have to buy some treated seeds to obtain a rare type of unusual herb it isn't going to hold me back. Perhaps thankfully, most of the large companies that treat their seed or plant stock on masse don't often stock anything that is too interesting to me. I grow many of my plants from seed obtained from small seed suppliers and native plant seed catalogs.

Care of the natural environment is important to me, although I must admit one of the biggest reasons for this is just selfishness on my part. I simply enjoy going out with a guidebook and working out what the little things most people never notice are, it's a hobby of mine.

I think the more diverse a natural ecosystem is the more interesting it is, and hopefully such wonders will always be there for anyone from future generations who can recognise and appreciate them. The pessimist in me however, always doubts it. To this end I have spent significant time planting locally native plants back into local bushland around Brisbane mostly with a group called Conservation Volunteers Australia.

I'll also be starting a heirloom vegetable seed company in the not to distant future, I hope it turns into a success.

My academic credentials include holding a Bachelor of Science in Entomology/Zoology (With Honours in Entomology) and a Diploma of Horticulture.

Thanks for reading, Cheers!

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