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  • Zalman ZM-NC3 Ultra Quiet Laptop Cooler

    Zalman ZM-NC3 Ultra Quiet Laptop Cooler

    4 years ago

    My laptop has always overheated and I purchased the Zalman ZM-NC3 laptop cooler hoping that it would make a difference. Find out whether buying this laptop cooler was a good move or not.

  • Movie Riddles - Guess The Movie From The Rhyming Clues

    Movie Riddles - Guess The Movie From The Rhyming Clues

    3 years ago

    Who doesn't like movies, and who doesn't like trivia based on the movies, especially when the questions set the little grey cells thinking and the movies are often really well known, but you can't quite figure out which ones they are. Right, the...

  • The Best Dirty Golf Jokes

    The Best Dirty Golf Jokes

    3 years ago

    These are some of the best Dirty Golf Jokes that I have heard, plus some original ones as well. I have been collecting jokes for more than 15 years, and enjoy sharing them and helping people to laugh.

  • History Of The Hovercraft

    History Of The Hovercraft

    3 years ago

    The Hovercraft is a unique vehicle that can travel over water as well as march and land by floating on a cushion of air. learn about this amazing craft which was invented on the south coast of England

  • Funny Spam Comments

    Funny Spam Comments

    4 years ago

    This is a collection of some of the funny spam comments that people have left on my guestbooks. Spam Comments are so annoying and frustrating, but they can also be really funny as well. When it comes to Spam, few people like it, but it is a fact of...

  • Drew Barrymore Movies

    Drew Barrymore Movies

    15 months ago

    Drew Barrymore has definitely come a long way since 1982 when she first tugged at viewers heart strings with her performance in Stephen Spielberg's now classic movie E.T. The Extra Terrestrial about an alien left stranded on Earth. In her teenage...

  • One Hundred Years Ago

    One Hundred Years Ago

    3 years ago

    The last 100 years may not seem a long time to us, but they have been a time of great changes in the way that people live their lives.

  • Limericks and Poems for Saint Patrick's Day

    Limericks and Poems for Saint Patrick's Day

    15 months ago

    This is a collection of humorous Limericks and other poems that were written for St. Patrick's Day by myself and a group of other writers. I hope you enjoy them.

  • Famous People From Bournemouth

    Famous People From Bournemouth

    2 years ago

    There are many more famous people from Bournemouth than you might imagine, especially if you include famous people who have lived in Bournemouth and not just those who were born or died in Bournemouth

  • The Daily Joke For December

    The Daily Joke For December

    3 years ago

    Christmas is a time for fun and laughter and so this Daily Joke for December page is filled with funny Christmas pictures to help raise a smile on your face.

  • The Daily Joke For June

    The Daily Joke For June

    3 years ago

    June like every other month is a time when everyone ought to be laughing. This page has a joke for every day in June, so there is no reason to not break into a smile or a full blown laugh.

  • Sandbanks The Best Beach In England

    Sandbanks The Best Beach In England

    3 years ago

    Sandbanks has become a millionaires paradise on the south coast of England. It's a peninsular with miles of golden sand and homes owned by the truly wealthy, but it didn't always use to be that way.

  • Bournemouth Visitors Guide

    Bournemouth Visitors Guide

    2 years ago

    Bournemouth is one of the most popular seaside towns in England, and it's popularity has grown over the years from it's inception as a Victorian spa town to today where it's a major commercial centre.

  • Baby Boomer Jokes

    Baby Boomer Jokes

    3 years ago

    If you are a Baby Boomer and enjoy jokes about old people, you will find a great collection of them here. Unfortunately us Baby Boomers are now officially OLD! I know I am, having recently turned 60.

  • The Daily Joke For May

    The Daily Joke For May

    3 years ago

    Everyone needs a daily joke. Telling jokes, good funny jokes, is great therapy, and there is nothing quite like making people laugh to help create a good atmosphereand to make people smile.

  • The Daily Joke  For April

    The Daily Joke For April

    3 years ago

    April means April Fools Day and it also heralds the start of Spring. It's a great time to share jokes and to help brighten things up after a long dreary Winter. Here are some jokes to make you smile.

  • The Daily Joke For March

    The Daily Joke For March

    3 years ago

    When they say that "Laughter is the best medicine" they aren't kidding. A joke a day to get people laughing is a great way to help make people happy and to get the world smiling.

  • The Daily Joke For February

    The Daily Joke For February

    3 years ago

    This page has a joke for every day in February and is designed to get you laughing. A smile uses more muscles than a frown, and I hope that by sharing this page you can help make the world happier.

  • Funny Religious Jokes

    Funny Religious Jokes

    3 years ago

    These funny Religious Jokes and Church Jokes are the best ones that I have received from emails or been told by friends over the last 15 years. If you like Religious Jokes you are sure to enjoy these.


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