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Hello guys, I am an active gamer ever since I can remember. Ever since I was a kid I preferred staying indoors and having loads of fun with my NES! The good old days, I miss the time when there was no internet...but you can't deny it the internet is awesome too.

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  • How I survived my parents divorce

    How I survived my parents divorce

    4 months ago

    This is a very familiar topic that some children have to go trough and also not many find a way out of the entire drama filled violent mess that they are not responsible for. In my case I was not even able to influence...

  • Lucid dreaming can be scary

    Lucid dreaming can be scary

    4 months ago

    A lucid dream that went wild.

  • Naruto


    4 months ago

    We all remember Dragon ball, Dragon ball Z and the GT series and they were incredible for it's time. After a while we got tired of them and just started watching regular anime in desperation looking for something...

  • Why did I start reading books.

    Why did I start reading books.

    4 months ago

    Why did I start you ask? I was a young boy playing video games going to school working on the croop fields, the usual village activities. After 5 years of exhausting most of the content I was interested with games, I...