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Hi, my name is Victoria Stephens. I am a proud mum and owner of a beautiful parakeet called Charlie. There's rarely a quite moment in my house or my whole life come to think it, but I can honestly say that I wouldn't like it any other way :-)

I'm a little bit old fashioned in some ways (not as in i'd rather wash my clothes by hand, oh no - not with this lot) but as in I'm very homely and I put in a lot of effort to make sure that I am there for my family as much as possible.

I like card making, anything to do with computers, growing my own fruit and vegetables, cooking, watching movies and the idea of self-sustained living. I enjoy reading both books and online. To me; the internet is like one big massive book that never ends, there's always another page to turn.

I am very money savvy and rarely pay full price for 'anything', and free is even better, so I hope to share some of my nifty tips with you too.

If you are already a member of hubpages then the best article for reading I can probably offer you is How To Set Up Your RSS Feeds - Step By Step Guide if you haven't already got that set up.

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