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I am a computer professional but love to read and write. I am optimistic and have some degree of positive thinking.

I enjoy all the shades of life because I think they carry a very positive meaning. I don't regret about anything, even if I don't like something, I try to stay calm.

I love everything because they all form a society, a world, a planet and everyone has a right to survive and to be happy with whatever he/she is and whatever he/she does. My hub 'Do not worry be happy' is something which represents my views and thoughts on importance of happiness in our lives another hub 'Drinking Water for Health' emphasizes importance of water for our survival and health and how drinking water improves our health.

I also maintain a blog on '<a href="http://www.philosophyinlife.info/basic-philosophies-life-video/" target="_blank">Philosophy of life</a>', this blog contain voice of my heart which is over and above any pleasing material in this world, most of my writing are meant to develop positive attitude, see light in darkness.

Am an introvert and it is so. I have been on hubpages for quiet sometime reading and enjoying hubs and forum. It really a good community and I hope to be an integral part of it.

Writing on hubpages or anywhere else is not a work for me, I only write when there is something in my mind, well the negative side of it is that I don't edit my writing, I simply type in one go, which often leaves many errors and mistakes, at times even making the whole passage incomprehensible.

Personally I love nature, life as it comes and living and loving on the basis of mutual respect for everything that exist in nature.

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