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What is Positive Thinking

Updated on October 3, 2015

Developing Positive Thinking Is A Task We'll Love Today

Today everybody stresses importance of positive thinking and how it can help us to achieve everything we desire. Definitely when something is so powerful that it can provide anything we wish then why can't we follow it in our day to day life and be successful everywhere. After-all it doesn't require any costly resources (except time which I feel is the most scarce commodity of modern time), there is nothing we have to physically, (today anything that involves physical work/movement is really a difficult task, latest data on health problems and disease point to the fact that we don't perform even the minimum physical activities to keep our body healthy and well) it doesn't even involves any exercises, it just a way to think, we can do it without moving our body, changing our place, in any posture at home or work or even while traveling.

In-spite of the fact that it one of the easiest activity which does not require any physical activity most of us fail to maintain or retain a positive attitude for longer durations. We read it, we understand it and then we lose it after sometime, till we read something more about it.

Shop to Develop Positive Thinking

What Is Positive Thinking

We all know about benefits of positive thinking, benefits of developing a positive mind but what is positive thinking. Is it an art or science, a book of rules or list of ways to perform everyday tasks.

Most sites on internet do not tell us what positive thinking means, most of the videos and course only explain its benefits and how can we develop it. Even with these courses we do not want to learn or change our fundamental attitude or thoughts except following some tips to achieve our desired goals.

Is positive thinking a way to reach a destination, a management technique to get a task done, a belief system which can be followed by everyone, a way to discover happiness, how important is it for anyone who is already successful, for someone who already have everything that money can buy, does positive thinking really changes anything or it just tries to make us believe in something that doesn't exists.

When our main goal is to get results, realize benefits by following some tips then its importance is already lost as its just a tool, a trick to reach a destination fast with least efforts.

Positive Thinking is The Right Processing of Thoughts

Thinking in the right direction is something I think and understand to be positive thinking. Whenever we think we process a number of thoughts which are based on several things that we consider to be important for us. Like how will it effect us, previous experiences, what is currently happening in our life, our present circumstances etc. etc.

Most of these things that are processed by our mind aren't stable i.e., they change very frequently and thus the conclusion that we reach with such processing is not right, its wrong, its defected and that is why it is commonly known as Negative Thinking.

We cannot make our mind to think and believe in something that we really don't believe in. Using videos, tapes, books, writing such things on wall and many other tricks that are often taught to develop positive thinking will fail, as we cannot fool are own self (our subconscious mind) as easily as we get fooled our self. Our mind will understand that they are playing tricks to make it believe that 2 + 2= 9 and because its incorrect it will simply ignore the suggestions.

Right thinking cannot come from the experiences of others.

Most of the old sayings have a solid foundation and are based on some real deep rooted fact that cannot be discovered by everyone easily, like "Honesty Is the Best Policy". Do you believe in this saying. Even if you don't believe, you will discover this at some point of time in your life. (I hope to write another hub on this topic in future).

Positive Views : Simple Way to Stay Successful in Life

Positivism is a very simple and powerful way to stay successful in every aspect of life. It may look like impossible to find that how some simple things like views can bring reduce major complexities of life. How views and positivism can make things simple and manageable.

Beginners and mediocre often underestimate and misunderstand this universal truth and try using costly complex solution whenever they feel that they've to be successful. They add complexities by paying for them and give them an easy entry in there life.

Overcoming after a series of mistakes is known as experience and those who tried and tested everything come to the conclusion that positive view is the core requirement to stay successful in life.

What do you think?

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