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How to Discover Happiness?

Updated on August 30, 2012

Secret to Happiness

I personally think that secret to happiness is doing our duties and accepting things as they are really helps. Happiness can also be traced from level of satisfaction that we currently enjoy. Satisfaction doesn't comes with an achievement but its a feeling that comes from our own actions, our attitude in life.

If we do our duties to our own entire satisfaction then there is nothing left to complain as we cannot change circumstances and how others react, what we can change is how we do things, how we perform our duties (tasks) and we have already done that and are satisfied with our work. Only thing that we can do is attending our own job, work and enjoying it. This is something we all know but hardly understand and that is why its still a secret to happiness.

Image Owned by :D Sharon Pruitt
Image Owned by :D Sharon Pruitt

Positive Thinking Helps in Discovering Authentic Happiness

If we are positive thinker then chances are we are happy. Positive thinking is just an alternative approach to view same thing in a new light. Some people are born with a positive attitude and therefore they are liked everywhere as they make the environment lighter and happier for everyone. Those who do not have this quality and are not interested in spending a little time to understand this fact live a lot with unhappier moments.

We can be happy if we develop this quality of positive thinking. We don't have to do anything except accepting things the way they are and this requires some time to understand and think over things that happen to us.

Nothing stays forever whether its success, failures, love or hate all these things change with the circumstances, time. Time is a great rescuer. A misery can be changed into a fortune by time. So, don't loose heart things can be changed with our actions and its better to move forward with a positive attitude then to stay here with a negative attitude.

Anyone can discover authentic happiness with positive thinking.

Happy Birthday Girl

Shiny Happy Birthday Girl Smiling  Image Courtesy : D Sharon Pruitt
Shiny Happy Birthday Girl Smiling Image Courtesy : D Sharon Pruitt

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      view 8 years ago

      Thanks Brenda, actually I write what comes to my mind.

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      \Brenda Scully 8 years ago

      i was really happy to read that hub it was sooo positive