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I am a nerd, a gamer, an artist, and sometimes a writer when my muse stops by for a visit. I have a passion for late-night chatroom RPs, and when I do write, I love to create fresh, new, and creative stories. Rod Serling, Jim Hensen, and Mark Twain are my role models and their works have instilled a sense of imagination unlike any other within the depths of my mind.

Most of the time I like to sketch simple pictures. If I really like how something turns out, I'll even color it digitally. Most of my artwork consists of anthro/cat based characters/creations, or realistic Pokemon (I told you I was a nerd!)

I served for six months in Minnesota on my LDS mission, then I was transferred back home to finish Service side. My assignments included working with LDSTech, Missionary Blogging, serving at the Bishop's Storehouse, volunteering within local communities, serving in the South Jordan Temple cafeteria, and other "odd jobs". Indeed one could say I've seen almost all the aspects a Missionary could be called to.

Now that I've returned, I may be posting more causal things to this account, but I do hope to do a weekly Sunday Sermon as I continue to learn and grow in the gospel

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