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I am the father of three beautiful children and I am lucky to have one of the most supportive, amazingly beautiful wives in the world. I have A BBA in organizational Leadership and Management and I am currently studying for a PHD in Psychology. However, without my foundation at home, I would be lost. I love the Arts in general, but writing is without a doubt my first passion right alongside music, of course. Poetry, songs and stories are my life. I believe that without the art of words we would be lost. I grew up in Buffalo, New York the second largest city in the state. It is home to the Chicken Wing, home to the only true New York based Team in football, the Buffalo Bills and just as equally important, we are the only other place outside of NYC and Chicago that you can get a good Local Pizza. Hell, we are a city of food, it's one of the things we do best and rightly so because our winters tend to suck. I grew up in the city in a low income home and a family of five. My true education comes from growing up poor and learning to live without. I learned that going hungry teaches humility and gives strength. I have studied at both Villa Maria College and Medaille College both located in Buffalo, proving that with determination you can reach for something better. Lastly, I am admittedly a dreamer and have stumbled over and over again but I have never lost or given up the ability to continue to dream, I just evolve to create a better version of it.

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