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So you know what you're getting, I write: left-wing philosophy of history; movie, book, and television reviews; short stories of the strange, sometimes macabre variety, which tend to be character studies; the odd poem; and some occasional "cultural criticism."

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      • Question for the DJs, the true

        Question for the DJs, the true "mixologists," if you will, of HubPages

        6 years ago

        This question is for anybody and everybody at HubPages who is a DJ, a music mixer (be it House, electronica, Lounge, Chill Out, Downbeat, Trance, Jazz Fusion, or Hip Hop). It's a multi-part question. 1) What drew you to...

      • What's in a name?

        What's in a name?

        6 years ago

        This is a two-part question. FIRST, imagine that you were starting a rock/alternative band. You have to call it something, don't you? Give me a list of three to five cool band names. Here's mine: 1) The Zombie Mermaid...

      • Objectivity


        7 years ago

        On the way home tonight I was listening to part of an NPR program called "On Point" with Tom Ashbrook. They spent the hour talking about how NPR felt compelled to fire Juan Williams, a news analyst for them,...

      • True Crime

        True Crime

        7 years ago

        True crime is the name for real-life, non-fictional narrative treatments of murder. True crime is featured in various formats. Modern American true crime seems to have started in the 1950s with true crime magazines....

      • Lovers of Film Noir

        Lovers of Film Noir

        4 years ago

        Film noir refers to movies of, say, the 30s, 40s, 50s, and perhaps early 60s (perhaps) of the black  and white era (glorious black and white). These films were rugged and gritty crime stories. Maltese Falcon...

      • 48

        "One-hit Wonders"

        7 years ago

        This thought may not be enough to sustain a long-term discussion of any real merit. However this thought was too involved to pose as a question in the Q & A forum, and we might get something out of it yet. Who...

      •  The internal human apparatus

        The internal human apparatus

        7 years ago

        What is imagination? We have it. We use it everyday. But can we say what it is?

      • The Art of Criticism

        The Art of Criticism

        7 years ago

        How, in your opinion, does the critic enrich our lives? I'm talking about film critics, drama critics, music critics, dance critics, art (painting, sculpture, etc) critics, television critics, any other kinds of critics...

      • Personal Identity

        Personal Identity

        7 years ago

        What is personal identity? Does it matter? If so, in what way(s)?

      • Transcendental Lying

        Transcendental Lying

        7 years ago

        I'd like to get your thoughts on what I call transcendental lying and the relationship of this specific form of lying, if any, to human identity. Here's what I mean by transcendental lying.I recognize two variations....

      • Self Devaluation

        Self Devaluation

        7 years ago

        In our forum on "Self Deception" we are looking at the social mechanism by which a person can be induced to think of himself as, in a way, more than he is(what I like to call "The American Idol...

      • Language and Thought

        Language and Thought

        7 years ago

        No special expertise is needed for this question, of course. Just look deeply into yourself, and tell me what you think the connection is between language and thought (how have you noticed the cycle operate within...

      • Lying


        7 years ago

        I have heard it said "We are the stories we tell." I have been thinking about the role lying plays in our lives. More specifically, I am interested in your thoughts about the role of the emergence of the...

      • Self Deception

        Self Deception

        7 years ago

        This query is for anyone familiar with the show American Idol. I am referring to the glass-cracking efforts of the first rounders. My question is: Why is it and how is it that they have come to believe they can sing?...