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It is because of Jesus at the cross that I have finally arrived. I'm only here to tell you that God is as real as your waking up this morning. I thank God for you. I appreciate your visiting my site here. I have desire to offer you life changing prophesies and a life preserving spirit. My intent relating to people that believe in God, have faith in Him and live according to His Will. I believe that He sent Jesus Christ (His Son) to sacrifice for all of us because we were by default, born into this world of sin. Jesus has given us a certain amount of time to live life as sinners and after then, was already provided the opportunity for us to change from such a life, by repenting and living in righteousness. Everyone must change; but only through having faith in God can it be done completely. No one was given the strength to change on their own. There is a saying that "you should always be yourself" but after the change, You should be your spiritual, righteous self.

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