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This woman has lived on a wild roller coaster called life. I Do NOT follow the path of least resistance by any stretch of the imagination. I go where the grass grows tall and there are lots of wonderful things that can be seen and touched; thereto I can get caught up in the pickers as well. My experiences are varied and many, I could be called a jack of all trades and a master of none. I wear many hats, some at the same time. I am a master multi-tasker if that is possible, and could at times be referred to as a whirling dirvish.

My sense of humor has come from my life experience's and sometimes the funny comes from the darkness I have experienced. I am passionate, love with great depth and will do whatever I can to make your world right if I love you. I speak my mind and sometimes don't have a great filter, but with me you know where you stand. I have been told I'm "DYNAMIC", which I think might mean that I'm loud and gesticulate a lot.

I've had 7 children, spread out over the period of twenty years; that in and of itself has been a career and an adventure. Anyone who has ever had a teenager in the house knows that you have your hands full. But it truly has been my most rewarding and life altering growth experience EVER!!!!

I am a SURVIVOR of Domestic Violence!!!! I am passionate about changing the laws on how these things are handled. I have run the gamut with the legal system and at times been failed by it. I want to create dialogue aobut these things as the statistics are staggering; 1 in 4 women will experience some form of domestic violence in her life. I am determined to stand up and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves; I hope to help make a change in our society so that this is not the case for much longer.

I love to write and have started an outline for a book, based on my life. As I said in the beginning, it has been a wild roller coaster ride. I hope that somewhere along the line I can shine a light for those who are floundering with all of the challenges and obstacles that life throws our way.

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  • Until When???

    Until When???

    8 months ago

    When you "just leave", but it isn't enough. When seven years later you're stalked and tormented, abused and punished; despite "just leaving".