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I am currently a senior in High School who is trying to make her career in Journalism. Therefore, this blog. I want to publish many articles during my last few months of High School and keep it going throughout University.

Currently I am also the Feature Editor and the Publishing Director of my School's Newspaper.

I hope you enjoy my blog and please comment, like, and follow for more articles!

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  • Male Guide to Female Communication

    Male Guide to Female Communication

    23 months ago

    I thought it would be about time I would write something a bit more humorous as my last post was a little bit melancholy. Here’s a guide to you men who have absolutely no idea how to talk to a woman!

  • Bubba


    23 months ago

    This is dedicated to my once best friend. You know who you are..

  • The Struggles of a Teen

    The Struggles of a Teen

    24 months ago

    We have all heard of puberty and we have all gone through it or yet will. We have all gone through self doubt, sassy stages, anger issues and much more when we were teenagers, and for those kids who haven’t yet...

  • Meeting to never see each other

    Meeting to never see each other

    23 months ago

    A little article I found that I wrote over the course of 3 years about finding a friend I wouldn't be able to see for a very long time. Do you believe in fate? Then this might be something for you.

  • Peace- A Poem

    Peace- A Poem

    2 years ago

    Sometimes a city Can make your thoughts rushed Sometimes something little Can seem so big The constant noise The constant stress I can't escape The people The mess You find out who you love ...

  • The Day I spoke to Derek Paravicini

    The Day I spoke to Derek Paravicini

    2 years ago

    Derek Paravicini is an incredible man. He is a savant and blind and the most inspiring pianist I know.

  • Speeding for the Finish Line

    Speeding for the Finish Line

    2 years ago

    This is an article I wrote in the hope of being published by Dunlop after attending the Dubai 24h Autodrome in 2014. Unfortunately, it never got published so I would just like to share it on HubPages.