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Luxury Beds for Dog or Cat-Fantastic Gift Idea For the Family Pet!

Updated on November 5, 2012

Luxury PET beds? Yes!

Do you have a pampered pooch…or a coddled cat? Maybe a babied bunny, or a ferret that your world just revolves around? Spoil them even more with a luxury pet bed! Did you know that you could buy just about any type of pet-sized bed for them? I didn’t…until I came across the “luxury pet bed” items on Amazon.

I had no idea before I started researching that there were so many DIFFERENT ways to indulge your pet, and buying a luxury bed is at the top of the list, from what I’ve learned. It amazed me to see how many unusual beds (at least, for pets) that are available.


Take for example, the PUCCI MINI-BEDS...

These are miniature versions of “people” beds, and you can order them in your choice of wood: Oak, Alder, Mahogany, Chestnut, etc. Also, there are several different styles to choose from.

They even come with mattress covers and sheets, and you can order comforters, with matching sheets and pillows to go along with the bed.

Some of the beds have a drawer underneath, to store those spare sheets! What pet could resist sleeping on one of these beds?

Pucci Mini Dog Bed

Essential Pet Products beds

Another company is Essential Pet Products. The make pet-size sofa beds, some with Memory Foam, if you prefer.

They come in different colors and fabrics, and are just adorable!

Since they have small sizes, and all the way up to extra-large, you can find just the perfect one you need.

Beds by DoggySnooze

But if you like the more contemporary style of sofa beds, you should check into beds by DoggySnooze.

Their orthopedic beds have a more modern design, which may suit you home better.

These also come in different fabric colors.

Pillow Top Beds by Pet Goods

Does your pet love your pillow top mattress? Then check out the beds made by Pet Goods Mfg. and Imports.

They can have their OWN pillow top bed, leaving you more room on yours at night!

They also have an iron bed frame available to place the mattress on, which is beautiful!

Undercover Pet Beds

If you want an unusual pet bed, try one of the Undercover Pet Beds.

Your pet has the option to sleep “undercover”, or can sleep on top, because the “cover” will fold down with the pet’s weight, due to a hidden padded spring system.

This comes in several choices of fabric.

Crypton Luxury Pet Beds

Another unusual one is the Round Rotator Pet Bed, by Crypton. This is just one style they offer—along with other bed accessories.

I loved the great colors they offer on theirs, and the great designs.

You're sure to find the perfect bed for your pet--one that you will want to show off to everyone!

These are just a drop in the bucket when it comes to what there is to offer in luxury pet beds, but I know that you won’t be disappointed by any of these great options, and your pet won't be, either!

Beffy's Pet Shop--A Series of Pet Product and Information Hubs


A lot of the hubs I write will be based on experiences that we had with our dog, Beffy--hence the name on the title! I love animals, and I enjoy learning about anything to do with making their life a happier and healthier one, or in the case of some articles, just a cuter one!

In memory of Beffy



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