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Dogs Bible For Dog Lovers

Updated on April 12, 2012

A Manifesto For Advancing Good Behavior In Dogs!

How could anyone resist this little guy?
How could anyone resist this little guy?


Woof-woof fellow dog lover. You wouldn't be here if you weren't a true believer in loving, caring for and training our K9 companions. So, please feel welcome.

The Holy Bible has numerous references to dogs, some complimentary, some not quite so. But our Dogs Bible aims to be objectively biased, and offer information always designed to unashamedly promote the best aspects of all dogs, no matter their breed (or mixture) size, coloration or personality.

Of course, that doesn't mean ignoring undesirable habits and less than admirable behaviour. The tips, information and resources on dogs care, health and training offered here will attempt to provide you dog lovers with the means to mold your dog(s) into model citizens you can be proud of in any and all circumstances.

Some of Dogs Bible content will be new to newbie owners; some will be old hat to veterans. But, hopefully, there will be items of interest and, yes, even entertainment, to all you visitors.

Comments, suggestions and your personal tips on any aspect of dogs are eagerly solicited. So, don't be bashful in letting us know what you think and what you know.


# Never buy a puppy from a pet shop! Most of these pups are supplied by "Puppy Mills," run by unscrupulous or at least uncaring people who breed their brood stock indiscriminetly strictly for profit.

# Always buy your pup from a reputable, recognized breeder. Names of breeders can usually be obtained by contacting the official breed club of the breed you want.

# Never pick from a litter either the largest or smallest of all the pups. Always select from the middle, meaning the puppies that are the most uniform in size.

# Always choose a short, crisp-sounding name for your puppy, one that does not sound like any of the commands you'll be using to train him. Names like Jack, Jill, Mat or Brooke are good examples.

# When your puppy ignores your "Here" or "Come" command, call him by name and turn and go away from him. Generally, he'll not want you to leave him, and he'll come running to you. Immediately praise him profusely.

# Try always to keep your puppy on a regular schedule of feeding and going out to potty. That will greatly ease the process of housebreaking. Heaps of praise when he does his duty outdoors.

# Always keep training sessions short to avoid pup's boredom and inattention.Try to think a step ahead of him before issuing a command so he'll think what you wanted him to do was his own idea.

# Regular early grooming will not keep your puppy or adult dog neat, but healthy as well, since these sessions let you inspect his coat, skin and nails for any problems.

#Rewards of food are fine for training aids, but never feed or let your dog beg at the dinner table. Once you let this behavior start, it's very difficult to break.

Following these tidbits of advice should help make your and your dog's lives much more pleasant.


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    • grousepup profile image

      grousepup 10 years ago from South Salem

      Hi, Whitney:

      Thanks for your kind comment; it is sincerely appreciated.


    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 10 years ago from Georgia

      Good tips for beginner dog owners.

    • Peter M. Lopez profile image

      Peter M. Lopez 10 years ago from Sweetwater, TX

      Nice hub. Welcome to hubpages.