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The Holstein Horse Breed Facts and Holstein Information

Updated on May 11, 2011
The Holstein Horse Pic
The Holstein Horse Pic

Holstein Horse Breed History and Holstein Facts

The Holstein Horse is a type of German Warmblood breed that first began showing up around the year of 1285 A.D. Holsteins descended from a mixture of horse breeds that originated in areas of Spain, Germany, and various oriental countries. The Holstein breed was a thickly built war and hunting horse during the time of the middle ages, but it wasn't until later on during the 19'th century that that Thoroughbreds and Yorkshire Coaches were added to the Holstein Horses in order to make Holsteins a leaner more agile breed fit for horseback riding.

Today, the Holstein horse breed has earned its name as one of the friendliest, easy to train and easy to ride horses.

The Holstein Horse Temperament

This German Warmblood breed exhibits a wonderful disposition that makes Holsteins a great horse of choice from layperson horse riders to expert horse riders. If there is any breed of horse is suited for horseback riding it's definitely the Holstein. For those who are looking to buy a horse that's sociable, responds well to horse training, is friendly, and truly loves people, I highly recommend searching for Holsteins for sale in your area!

A Holstein Horse Temperament = 5 out of 5 Stars

Chestnut Holstein Horse Photo
Chestnut Holstein Horse Photo

Holstein Information and Holstein Facts -


The Holstein Horse Breed Appearance

Holstein Horses have handsome appearances that are muscular yet still relatively on the lean side. Holsteins display flexible shoulders, sloping quarters, and semi stubby legs that are built for strength and stamina. On average a Holstein will have clearly outlined joints that are sturdy and lengthy cannon bones.

The Holstein Breed Coat

Holsteins have beautiful coats that are glossy and mostly come in Chestnuts and Bays, but Holsteins can actually come in any solid color as well.

Holstein Association and Holsteins for Sale


Holsteins For Sale and Purchasing a Holstein Information

Are you looking for Holsteins for sale? Well, if you are looking to purchase one of these outstanding German horses, then I recommend seeing if there are any local or state ads about Holsteins for sale in your town. Also, when you're on horse websites, pay attention to horse advertisements on the sides, and see if there are any ads about Holsteins for sale. And of course searching Google by typing in Holsteins for sale is always a great option too for finding your next horse.

The Holstein Association

The Holstein Association is an easy way to find out all the latest news on Holstein horses. Also if you're just looking to attend a Holstein Show or would like to perhaps enter your horse in a Holstein Show, I highly recommend checking out your Holstein Association in your area or your local Holstein Association official website.

A Holstein Farm

If you would like to learn more about the Holstein horse breed , would like to ride a Holstein, or are interested in learning more about this breed of horses, visiting a Holstein Farm is a fun interactive way to do all of those activities and more. Personally, I think that the best way to view and learn about horses is definitely just by simply visiting a horse farm and in this case a Holstein Farm.


Holstein Horses pic
Holstein Horses pic


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