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The American Saddlebred Horse & The Kentucky Saddler

Updated on May 18, 2011

American Saddlebred History and Bloodlines

The American Saddlebred also known as the Kentucky Saddler are a breed of horses that originated in around the state of Kentucky during the 19'th century. The Kentucky Saddler horse first started out as a mix between a Canadian Pacer and a Narragansett, until later on when Morgan Horses, Hackneys, and Thoroughbreds were added to the American Saddlebred bloodlines.

In the beginning, Kentucky Saddlers were used by the pioneers as utility horses capable of accomplishing a wide range of tasks. Now American Saddlebred horses are wildly popular in the show ring, with beginning and standard level horseback riders, and as trial riding horses. Kentucky Saddlers are usually either 3 gaited and 5 gaited horses making this breed just as versatile as it was when the pioneers created the Kentucky Saddler.

American Saddlebred Horse Picture
American Saddlebred Horse Picture

The American Saddlebred Info and American Saddlebred Facts

American Saddlebred Temperament

This classic American Horse Breed has wonderful personalities that range from calm to energetic. American Saddlebreds have high levels of stamina and are definitely fun horses to be around. The Kentucky Saddlers are 5 gaited horses that are capable of skills which include the walk, trot, canter, the rack, and slow gait.

American Saddlebred Temperament = 4 out of 5 Stars

saddlebred foal picture
saddlebred foal picture

The Kentucky Saddler Horse Appearance

Kentucky Saddler Horses stand between an average of 15 hh and 16 hh in height with American Saddlebred Stallions being slightly taller than the American Saddlebred Mares. This horse breed has long, fairly thin legs that are study with strong joints; American Saddlebreds exhibit front forward thrusts and is straightly hocked from the back. The Kentucky Saddler horses display broad chests, thick necks, and small heads in size. American Saddlebred horses include tails that are high set and often times will have artificial tail nicking for both the appearance of accentuating this horse breed's already naturally high carriage and also for the use of American Saddlebred Horse Shows.

Kentucky Saddler Coat

When it comes to the Kentucky Saddler coat variations, any solid color is considered to be permissible with this American horse breed. However, Chestnut and light red tend to be the most dominant colors.

the american saddlebred horse
the american saddlebred horse

American Saddlebreds for Sale

If you're perhaps thinking about buying American Saddlebred Horses or maybe you're trying to see if there are any decent American Saddlebred breeders in your area, then you should try searching Google for American Saddlebreds for sale. Keep in mind even when you're on horse websites, sometimes ads will run for American Saddlebreds and American Saddlebred breeders that are often times worth checking out. Since the Kentucky Saddler isn't a rare horse breed by any means, it shouldn't be too difficult for you to find out if there are a few good American Saddlebred breeders in your State.

American Saddlebred Association

If you’re considering on buying American Saddlebred Horses, would like to attend some local American Saddlebred Shows, or maybe you have a Kentucky Saddler Horse of your own that you would like to enter in some American Saddlebred Shows, then try checking out your local American Saddlebred Association for more thorough, detailed information. The American Saddlebred Association should have all the latest updates on horse events and the specific dates and times American Saddlebred Horse Shows are taking place on.


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