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Top 10 Morab Horse Breed Facts and Morab Temperament Information

Updated on June 1, 2011
The Morab Horse Breed Racing
The Morab Horse Breed Racing

Top 10 Morab Horse Breed Facts and Morab Horse Breed Information

#10. The Morab Horse breed is said to be a mix between the Morgan Horse, an Arab Horse, and the American Quarter Horse. Morabs were bred from originally an Arab mare and a Morgan Stallion named Vermont.

#9. One of the first Morab Horses was named Golddust; Golddust, the Morab was foaled in the year of 1885.

#8. Morab Horses are relatively a short horse breed, only measuring at 14.1 hh to 15.3 hh.

#7. Golddust was a racing horse who had a perfect record of winning. Eventually, Golddust the Morab horse went on to become the champion racing horse of his time.

#6. Golddust went on to give birth to an outstanding number of 302 Morab foals!

#5. Morabs are considered to be a rare horse breed, making it hard to find Morabs for sale. You can still find Morabs for sale, though this can become a difficult task. Personally, I think that it's well worth while spending the time on finding Morabs for sale, since Morab horses are extremely friendly and respond well to horse training.

#4. The name Morab comes from mixing together the Morgan horse and the Arab horse name into one unique horse breed name of its own.

#3. Morab horses have made their name as some of the best cutting horses in the world.

#2. The Morab Horse Breed temperament scores a five out of five stars for friendliness and easy to train horses.

#1. Morab horses were not actually even a registered horse breed until recently in the early 1990's.


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    • profile image

      horsey horse face 6 years ago

      a morgan horse mixed with an arabian horse! what more could you ask for?

      Morgans and Arabian horses are two of my favorite horse breeds put into one. now, that's a dream horse, I'll tell you what!