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Pet Friendly La Quinta – The Best Hotel to Stay with your Pets

Updated on May 2, 2012

This year, I had the opportunity to travel across country not once, but two times with my husband and our 65lb. mixed breed dog. On the return trip, we had acquired a cat who also got the pleasure of the car travel experience. Although we were not 100% sure where we were going to stay, each night, on our second night on the road, we discovered a lovely La Quinta Inn.

La Quinta is a hotel chain that has hundreds of locations throughout the United States. They are divided between La Quinta Inns and La Quinta Inns and Suites, where the Suites are nicer properties equipped with fitness centers.

YAY! Pets OK

The greatest thing about all La Quintas is that almost all allow pets.* No extra fees, no weight restrictions, no hassle. Some of the grounds actually provide doggie bags and grassy outdoor areas where you are welcome to walk your 4-legged family members.

*There are 4 locations that pets are NOT welcome: San Antonio Conference/Medical Center; Manhattan, NY; Queens, NY; Monterrey, CA.

On top of the worry-free pet policy, they offer a free hot breakfast, free internet, swimming pools, cable channels, and some of the rooms even have refrigerators and microwaves. Many of the hotels have been recently updated and are decorated quite nicely as well, but it depends on the neighborhood and location.

In our experience, the hotels were clean and well kept, but we had some favorites. In Albuquerque, the La Quinta featured a leash free courtyard for our pup. In New Orleans, in the French Quarter, where we were able to enjoy the city from the great location, while having Lafayette Park two blocks away for all our dog walk/potty breaks.

Our dog is very well behaved, so we never have a problem leaving her in the room while we take a few hours for dinner or sightseeing, but we do like to leave the tv on for her, mostly for a little noise distraction, but we feel like it keeps her entertained.

In some of the more out of the way locations, the La Quintas had more of a dated, older Motel feel, but it is hard to complain when you roll into a town, feeling exhausted after 9 hours of driving with a dog and cat in tow.

With the pricing being extremely reasonable and a good rewards program where you can earn free stays, upgraded statuses, and even gift cards, you no longer need to shop around when you hit the road with your pets.


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