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Puppy Love- Getting a New Puppy

Updated on September 1, 2009

New Puppy

When you see a cute puppy, it can be hard to resist petting and playing with them. I mean, their small, furry, and just plain loveable. Sometimes, it can be hard to resist bringing home a few of these cute little guys. The love for a puppy can be stronger than the love for a human, at times; puppies don't judge, belittle, or look down on other people or other dogs.

But, remember that cute little puppies aren't all fun and games... Although, yes, they are cute and loveable, puppies require time, patience, and energy... Oh... and lots of love.

Owning a puppy can be hard work. I mean, you have to house train them, obedience train them, feed them, walk/ exercise them, and take them to the vet. It's really a lot of hard work! So before actually getting a puppy, make sure that you are prepared for everything that may come your way.

Owning a Dog: Tips, Tricks, and Help is a great guide to help you when making the big decision of bringing home a puppy.

Cute Puppies


A puppy is both a baby and a juvenile dog. Dogs are considered puppies until they are about one year old, or until they reach full sexual maturity, meaning when females come into heat and males are fully descended and able to breed.

But, as temperament and behavior goes, some dog breeds remain puppies until they are at least two years old. Mentally, the labrador retriever is one of these breeds; the lab remains hyper, energetic, destructive, and mischievous until about the age of two years. Other breeds that are mentally puppies till about two years include Golden Retrievers, American Pit Bull Terriers, and Dalmatians, among others, of course.

The general size of a puppy will vary by breed, as smaller breeds can weight less than 1 pound to around 3 pounds as puppies, whereas larger breeds can weigh about 15 to 20 pounds when young pups.

With many breeds, it's hard to tell what a puppy will look like as an adult. Coat color changes, especially in breeds such as the Yorkshire terrier. Other dog breeds may change in physical appearance; for example, Molosser breeds, such as the American Bulldog, Great Dane, and Rottweiler, will grow normally, and around 1 to 1 1/2 years old, the head of these dogs tend to expand and fill in to fit their body.

Puppies are cute little faces with destructive tendencies that need to be worked through via basic obedience and exercise.

Puppies need your love and attention in order to be the best well- rounded dog that you could ever want as a part of your family.

French Bulldog Puppies

Puppy Tips


Puppies should start receiving their vaccinations at the age of 6 weeks. After that, they next set of shots occurs at 9 weeks, 12 weeks, and 16 weeks of age.

House Training:

The day you bring your puppy home, is the day that house training begins. You should never give a puppy the change to soil the floor, as this is the first step to pottying inside. Set up a schedule and adhere to it.


Choosing the right diet for you new puppy is an important key to a nutritionally balanced dog. A dog's health and well- being is in your hands, so remember to choose a premium dog food brand; if you cannot afford the "top of the line" dog foods, that's not a problem. Learn how to read the ingredients label on dog food, and you will be able to find a dog food that is nutritional for your pup and cost efficient for your dollar.

Basic Obedience:

Puppy training, again, occurs the day you bring home the new pup. Even though the puppy may be 6 to 8 weeks old, that doesn't mean that it cannot comprehend how to please you. Start with reinforcement training ASAP. Don't assume the puppy knows what "sit" means, because it doesn't; you must teach him what behavior to exhibit with each command you choose.


Remember that a tired puppy is a well- behaved puppy. Dogs that receive optimum exercise, being at least one walk a day for at least thirty minutes will relieve some of the pent up energy in the dog. Dogs that are in- properly exercised can become destructive and bad mannered.

Love Your Puppy:

One of the most important keys to a happy, healthy, and well- balanced dog, is a loved puppy. Don't baby the pup to the extent that she doesn't know that she's a dog. Don't constantly carry the puppy around, let her walk on her own, let her learn by doing. Carrying a small breed pup around constantly, is one factor in what causes a nippy and annoying adult dog, as the pups that are babied, coddled, and carried, tend to be those that do not realize that they are canines versus humans. But, love your puppy. Spend quality play times with her.

Puppy Pictures

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Flickr Image: MikQuattro "Something about Puppies"Flick image: Mark Sanders; "Frannie's Puppies"Flickr image: jennifer buehrer; "Puppy Breath!!"Flickr image: whipsmart; "the lazy bunch"Flickr image: csbolt84; "Puppies Playing"Flickr images: OldOnliner; "Puppies Playing"Flickr image: jclutter; "puppies!"Flickr images: manyfires; "go puppies go"Flickr image: **Mirm**; "Learning to eat puppy-food!"Flickr image: vanallensb; "White Mixed Breed Puppies"
Flickr Image: MikQuattro "Something about Puppies"
Flickr Image: MikQuattro "Something about Puppies"
Flick image: Mark Sanders; "Frannie's Puppies"
Flick image: Mark Sanders; "Frannie's Puppies"
Flickr image: jennifer buehrer; "Puppy Breath!!"
Flickr image: jennifer buehrer; "Puppy Breath!!"
Flickr image: whipsmart; "the lazy bunch"
Flickr image: whipsmart; "the lazy bunch"
Flickr image: csbolt84; "Puppies Playing"
Flickr image: csbolt84; "Puppies Playing"
Flickr images: OldOnliner; "Puppies Playing"
Flickr images: OldOnliner; "Puppies Playing"
Flickr image: jclutter; "puppies!"
Flickr image: jclutter; "puppies!"
Flickr images: manyfires; "go puppies go"
Flickr images: manyfires; "go puppies go"
Flickr image: **Mirm**; "Learning to eat puppy-food!"
Flickr image: **Mirm**; "Learning to eat puppy-food!"
Flickr image: vanallensb; "White Mixed Breed Puppies"
Flickr image: vanallensb; "White Mixed Breed Puppies"


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    • marcoujor profile image

      Maria Jordan 

      7 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

      I wouldn't trade my puppy days with AUNT BABY for anything... one of the best experiences of my life!

      This is a great HUB~~ thank you.

    • Zisa profile image


      9 years ago from North America

      great Hub. Puppies are a lot of work but so worth it.

    • compu-smart profile image

      Tony T 

      10 years ago from London UK

      A puppy is a great way to turn any grown man to mush!!

    • helenathegreat profile image


      10 years ago from Manhattan

      No fair! We JUST got through this period of insanely cute puppyhood... Don't go showing me pictures of cute little fuzzy puppies! I want another one...

      My favorite is the one of the two Corgis? They look like Corgis. Damn are they cute! Great hub.

    • Social Conscience profile image

      Social Conscience 

      10 years ago from Earth - Where are YOU from?

      Wonderful hub - great pictures! "Remember a tired puppy is a well-behaved puppy" - yes, everything is well-behaved when they are ready for sleep, I supposed? I'm going to test this strategy out and see if it works on humans lol

    • darkside profile image


      10 years ago from Australia

      So cute!

    • Peter M. Lopez profile image

      Peter M. Lopez 

      10 years ago from Sweetwater, TX

      Great hub, Whitney05.


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