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What to Look For When Selecting a Pet Insurances Companies

Updated on September 14, 2009

Best Pet Insurance cover has

As you can protect yourself from unknown eventuality so as your pet should be insured. There are so many pet insurances companies that you can consider when you want your pet to be covered. There are so many unknown events that your pet needs to be insured against

Pet insurances covers

· Pet accident – there are so many types of accident that your pet can get involved in and these includes road accident which is the most commonly type of accident your pet is vulnerable, other accidents like fire can broke in your house while your pet is sleeping or in the house and the chances are that it might not escape the fire, the best thing to do is to insure your pet against fire

· Illness – your pet can get ill at any time while you do not have money, but if you have already insured your then it won’t be a problem to you as you are capable to treat your pet with the pet insurance coverage you bought

Factors to consider when selecting pet insurances company

  • Coverage

When selecting a pet insurance company ensure that they have more coverage for pet. With these will help to save time and money to cover your pet at one place. Having more pet coverage puts you at a better place to bargain for your pet cover since you will be covering all risk associated with your pet with one company

  • Payout

Check out the company’s pay out when your pets get involved in a accident, consider companies with higher veterinary bills payouts than companies offering small veterinary payout. With higher veterinary payout means that you will not use any single sent from your pocket to treat your pet. While with smaller veterinary payout you may still dig deeper into your pocket just to top up your pet insurance coverage. Best companies with higher veterinary payout will give as from 89% of your veterinary bill

  • Approval

When selecting a pet insurances companies you should check their policy on claims approval, the faster your claims get approved the better, this will help settle your pet bills as fast as possible. Avoid companies with slower veterinary bill approval as they will delay and hence time wasting following up your claims

  • Penalties

Check out the penalties associated with any coverage, the more penalties a pet insurance company has the more you should keep away from it. Consider companies with less or no penalty at all from any claims that you will make on your pet

  • Premiums

Do your research well when comes to premium, some companies will not tell about how their premium works when comes to your pet aging, others will be quite frank with you. Consider companies that do not increase pet premiums based on your pets age


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    • Lgali profile image

      Lgali 8 years ago

      Interesting hub and very informative hub

    • oderog profile image

      oderog 8 years ago from Nairobi

      @doh121 - This you can check with the particular pet insurer can give you more details, check also with your pet veterinary officer

      @katyzz - yes you have to insure your pet from unforeseen events and diseases

    • katyzzz profile image

      katyzzz 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      I hadn't thought much about the insurance angle.

    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      How do you file a claim in the case of an accident, oderog? I'm curious. For instance, with a car, you need a police report as evidence and then a further investigation is conducted...Just curious.

    • oderog profile image

      oderog 8 years ago from Nairobi

      Thanks Me Hubber, if the information on selecting pet insurances companies is of benefit to you

    • Me Hubber profile image

      Me Hubber 8 years ago

      Nice and informative hub!