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Why people hate cats: Reasons why some people don't like cats as pets

Updated on June 4, 2013
How is it even possible for anyone to hate something as cute as this? Find out why some people hate cats.
How is it even possible for anyone to hate something as cute as this? Find out why some people hate cats. | Source

Why do people hate cats? Why don't some guys like cats and compare them with dogs as pets? How is it even possible that some people can be averse to something as cute as a meow from an adorable kitty? This post discusses some of the common reasons why many people garner feelings of anger, dislike and aversion towards felines. Good and bad personal experiences with cats as pets are welcome to be shared with readers via comments in the box at the end of the article.

1) Cats are typically known to be their own masters

It is commonly said in jest that you can never own a cat because cats will always remain their own masters. Cats will do whatever they like, whenever they want and in whichever way they want to. They are masters of their own mood and don't necessarily obey commands.

This perception of cats being haughty and pricey is a reason why some people don't like them. This behavioral trait is often directly compared with the benchmark of being a loyal and faithful set by a dog.

2) Cats can ruin furniture and upholstery by scratching on them

Cats have a natural tendency to scratch. Kitties generally scratch on stuff because that is their way of cleaning their claws and marking their territory.

It is known that cats can be trained to stop scratching household items and instead, use dedicated scratching posts which are made corrugated from surfaces.

Watch out! A moody kitty can scratch you.
Watch out! A moody kitty can scratch you. | Source

3) Cats scratch people, sometimes without reason

A cat's love for scratching stuff is very well known. Sometimes their owners and other humans can be the recipients of their pet kitty's moody scratch. A pet cat may even scratch its own owner who approaches it to give a cuddle or hug.

Some people believe that this is just a cat's innocent way to show love. Others refuse to accept this nasty behavior and blame a cat's natural arrogant personality for hurting the hand that feeds it.

4) Cats don't show affection like dogs

It is commonly believed that cats don't show the type of affection that is expected from a four legged pet. They will not express love or show happiness at the sight of their owners coming back home after work and it is not necessary that a cat will always be in the mood to be cuddled.

A pet dog on the other hand will sense its owner's mood. This is why a pooch is known to offer emotional support by lovingly rubbing its owner when it thinks that the owner is sad. Dogs will also jump, bark and show excitement when they greet they owners who come back home from work. This is one of the reasons why YouTube is crowded with heart-warming videos of happy dogs greeting their owners who come back home after serving in overseas deployments.

The kind of passive affection that cats show may not appeal to everyone. This is why people don't like cats because a kitty's way of reciprocating affection through cuddles is inadvertently compared to that of a dog.

5) Cats shed fur all around the house

Cats tend to shed a lot of their fur around the house. A cat owner's home is likely to have shards of kitty fur all over the place. The perception of a feline's intensive shedding can be a reason why some people hate having cats as pets.

6) Some people are allergic to cats

Some people hate cats just because they are allergic to them. Cat allergy can be cause sneezing, wheezing, coughing and even red blotches on the skin. Watery eyes and congestion of the nasal passage is also a common symptom seen in people who are allergic to kitties.

All a loving pet owner may get from a beloved pet kitty is a curious stare from a silly perch. This passive show of affection is often confused with a complete lack of emotional bond between owner and pet.
All a loving pet owner may get from a beloved pet kitty is a curious stare from a silly perch. This passive show of affection is often confused with a complete lack of emotional bond between owner and pet. | Source

7) Cats are perceived to be less emotionally attached to their owners

A cat's behavior will never mimic the kind of attachment and bond that a dog shares with its owner. This is not to say that cats don't bond with their owners, but their way of bonding is different.

This perception leads some people in thinking that cats remain unattached from their owners, leading to an overall dislike in having kitties as pets.

8) Cats don't do play with their owners, don't do tricks and don't entertain

Many people expect their pets to be a source of entertainment. They expect their pets to perform tricks or even play with them. An average pet cat will have none of this because it will prefer lounging in the sun kissed balcony rather than fetching a ball or catching a Frisbee.

However this perception is not entirely true because some kitties are extremely agile and can play with their owners for hours together. YouTube is flooded with videos of owners playing with their kitties with different cat toys including feather charms dangling from sticks.

9) Kitties can be a threat to pregnant women

Toxoplasmosis is disease which can be fatal or life-threatening for a pregnant woman. Cat feces is known to contain the parasite which can transmit toxoplasmosis in humans upon ingestion. This fear of contracting disease could be a straight forward reason why some people don't like cats.

10) Cats like to litter in the garden

Stray cats are known to poop in the garden which makes people believe that even domesticated kitties who are household pets will continue doing the same thing. Trained kitties may not necessarily have this behavioral trait but the perception of kitties pooping in the garden makes many people averse to having them as pets.

A cat may decide to sleep in your lap but that is only until it decides to scurry away to find a cozier spot somewhere else.
A cat may decide to sleep in your lap but that is only until it decides to scurry away to find a cozier spot somewhere else. | Source

11) Cats don't always give company to their owners

Cats are independent and like to be with themselves. They like their space and like to be left alone at times. On the other hand, some kitties will also like to take a nap on their owner's lap or belly. But all this depends on a cat's mood and if the feline wants to be left alone, no amount of pampering is going to convince it to do something else.

Cat will never go out for walks, they will never cuddle on command and will never sit beside their owners if they feel like scampering away and finding a cozy spot in a cardboard box. This is one of the reasons why some people hate having cats as pets.

12) Guys traditionally don't like cats

Sometimes there is no reason for stereotypical behavior or a trait embraced simply due to perception of popular culture. Traditionally, women were more likely to own cats as pets. The tough guys are commonly portrayed in popular culture as men who don't like cats.

A guy may just be trying to blend in by showing that he hates cats at the fear of being taunted for having a less manly choice of pet. However this incorrect perception is slowly being broken and more guys are showing their love and affection for cute kitties.


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