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How do I potty train my small breed puppy?

Hi so I'm new to this whole puppy caring thing, and I just got a new puppy last Sunday. I wanted to know everything there is about him. I'm taking him to the vet soon. But I feel like there is something I should know until I wait. He is a mixed Chihuahua about a month old, and what type of food do I feed him? Right now I'm using Caesars Classic with beef. Is that ok? I tried feeding him puppy chow. But it gets cold when I try to make it mushy for him.I don't understand how I need to potty train him outside if he's a puppy? Isn't he vulnerable to diseases and its winter. Please provide me info!


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sannwi (simplehappylife) says

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11 months ago
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    Kevin Montanez (Algebruhm9) 11 months ago

    Thank you so much! And is it safe to feed him Cesar Classics? I've heard that its not recommended. If so what should i feed him? Also i sadly found out he's 5 weeks old :( so how should i care for him? Thanks!

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