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9 year old pit seems aggressive while leash walking, new behavior! Back to me after 2 yrs gone!

My spayed female pit seems aggressive toward all other off leash dogs in my area, She used to play and run but after I got her back after two years gone she's changed. More less tolerant and more grumpy with other dogs. Great with humans but hackles up when another dog approaches. Being a pit I don't need her biting or fighting most dogs in my area go off leash and approach her, She hackles up and gets rigid. She was raised off leash and now has to be due to where we live. I don't know how to handle this without risk of harm to her and other innocent dogs! Please help?

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Crystal Lashel Garcia (crystallashel) says

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7 months ago
  • Debpibbles profile image

    Debpibbles 7 months ago

    My ex would not let me take her. He joined a not very nice motorcycle club and I got her back by chance just 10 days before he was charged with murder.

    I'm not able to ask him why she's stressing but am looking in to professional help, thank you!