retraining and leash walking

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    granniesrusposted 10 years ago

    how do i retrain my dog from puppy pads to go outdoors? ( she was trainned by the breeder to use the pads and is very good abt. doing so but i want her to go outside ) my dog is 1 yr. old and refuses to walk on a leash. she was a show dog before and perhaps is not use to  the leash. my other dog loves her walks so i need them both to go. i have tries gentle tempting w snacks and still she will not move. what can i do?

                                         thanks, grannies.

  2. Jason Menayan profile image61
    Jason Menayanposted 10 years ago

    Hi Granniesrus,

    I would consider posting this in the Requests section, instead (follow this link). That way, someone else can create a full Hub with all the information you'd like to know on this topic.

    - Jason

  3. Zach S. profile image49
    Zach S.posted 10 years ago

    I had the same problem and found a great product online called PETaPOTTY.  It keeps everything clean, sanitary and in one place.  Check it out  It might help your situation.